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right side throat pain

I have had pain on the right side of my throat for the past week and a half. the best way to describe the location is half way between the back of my mouth and top of my rib cage (or sternum). recently i noticed radiating pains to my right ear, which in turn goes to my right side of my head. when i push on the right side of my throat the pain worsens. i am am not having any difficulty swallowing, however that same location hurts slightly when i do.  
I am a smoker and a occasional drinker. So needless to say i have really bad sinus drainage and im constanly clearing my thorat. the mucus seems to be worse when i first wake up and my nose is clogged and i have to clear it out. the first bit of mucus that comes from my sinus cavity in the morning is usually green and slightly hard when i cough it up.
i was primarily concerned and curious what might be causing the throat and ear pain. and could it just be sinus problems?
thank you.
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