sinus headache over eyes and forehead,no nasal discharge,no fever,chills,dizzy
by guy1, Apr 01, 2006
My doc thinks I may have a bad sinus infection caused by impaction or something.Dizziness,occasional headache,tired, fatigue,eyes feel heavy,started saline nasal wash and felt better,then doc had me take,875 augmentin and It has helped,but it does mess with you stomach.Does anyone know if augmentin takes awhile to get really kicking in and do these symptoms seem like a sinus issue?????

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by myproblem, Apr 02, 2006
I think your Dr. is on the right track. You should notice improvement within a few days. If symptoms persist, a sinus CT, and a course of prednisone may be a good idea. If the antibiotics give you the runs, eat a cup of yogurt every day. This will replace the "good" bacteria (which help your bowel function) that the antibiotics destroy.
by stardenise, Apr 04, 2006
I have had bad sinuses since dec. swollen glands, tired, fatique, bad ear pain, sore throat. I antiobiotics and it did not help. Went to specialist and had a ct scan done. My sinuses he said are bad to a point surgery is recommened. The nasal spray helps but once I stop it comes right back but if I keep using the nasal spray then I get nose bleeds. It is always constantly there some days worse like today. i was also told that if you smoke when you have bad sinuses that is not good for you.
by Just concerned, Apr 06, 2006
Have you been checked for allergies?  I get the same thing every spring.  Bad sinus headache but nothing else.
by raider70, Dec 31, 2007
I have some strange sinus symptoms.  I have headaches, sinus pressure above the eyebrows, soreness and pain around the eye sockets, and then a strange occurrence at least once a day.  I have dry eyes, but I start yawning and continue to yawn and then my eyes begin to pour....I have not nasal drainage and I am not stopped up, but I can feel a drainage down my throat sometimes.  I have such pressure in the areas mentioned.  Do I have an infection even though I have no discharge?
by brooklyn_nite, Feb 06, 2008
my 5 year old has very bad nasal congestion but with no discharge whatsoever. in the last two weeks she has caught a cold/flu twice and has had very high temps (103+). the fever is relentless and has been going on for 6 days now. we've been to the doc's twice - she just said give tylenol/motrin. we went again today and they did x-rays to see if it was pneumonia (came negative). she's currently taking nasal spray for possible dust allergy but it has had hardly any affect on the congestion. the doctor admitted she's just fishing because she's not sure what's causing the fever. she also prescribed antibiotics but this will be the third round in 3 months (2nd round was for chronic cough which has now been linked to poss allergies). does anyone have any knowledge of actute nasal congestion with no discharge because i think it may be linked to my daughters's fever?
by ladymac23, Feb 07, 2008
Have you taken her to a pediatric allergist? If not you should. Her dr can refer you to one. I recently took my 4 year old son in fear of a soy allergy. They tested him for about 28 different things ranging from pets,trees,grass and various foods. Turns out he is not allergic to soy, but rather to tree grass,ragweed,dog and cat dander and slightly to wheat!  But now we know precisely how to treat them. He often sounds real nasally when he talks, but no drainage and he recently had his first headache. He also has patches of eczema from time to time.
by Peyts_mom, Apr 16, 2008
Hi. I have been suffering for years from sinus pressure/headaches.  It just so happens that I live in the wrong state for allergies/sinus problems.  This state is one of the worse, because of all the flowers/trees/etc. Anyway, I've had allergy tests and am not really allergic to anything.  When I have bad sinus problems, my head has a small throbbing/pain around my temples and behind my eyes... my nasal passage feels tight (full of pressure).  My sinuses never drain... they are just super dry. Sometimes my jaw/teeth line has a little pain in them... but mainly headaches.  My left nasal and left side of my body is usually what's affected. It stinks living with this.  Can chronic sinus problems clog your lymph nodes around you neck area and above left armpit.  My lymph nodes feel sore every time my sinuses get worse. I wear contacts, too, so I think it makes my eyes even more dried out and my headaches worse.  I've been going to my chiropractor and massage therapist a lot lately, but the pain is only relieved temporarily.  When my sinuses are really bothering me, I feel dizzy, too.  What doctor's don't tell you is that sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks of antibiotics to clear up a bad sinus infection. My primary physician usually will only prescribe 10 days of antibiotics (even though I've told him otherwise).  What should I do to relieve these symptoms for good.  The nasal sprays don't work... they just run down the back of my throat when I spray them in my nasal passage (which in return makes my throat a little sore).  Any suggestions out there?  I wonder if I should be talking to an ENT doctor about the possibility of nasal surgery to clear up for good... or atleast help ALOT.
by mi5les, May 02, 2008
I think you should absolutely be seeing an ENT specialist.  I have had (hopefully in the past now) the exact same thing you are going through for the past 5 years.  I have minor allergies (which I do shots for now), but most of my problems have been anatomical.  My sinuses were inflammed causing the pressure, headaches and infections.  I recently had a full sinus surgery and tonsillectomy.  

Your ENT will order a CT scan and you will go from there.  Please make sure you have a good ENT (with recommendations from other surgery patients) because there is a difference in surgeons and which sinuses they will or won't operate on and their experience level.  I have learned this the hard way, this last sinus surgery was my 3rd because my previous Dr didn't go to all the sinuses.

I hope this helps and good luck!