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sleepiness with nausea, poor appitite and dull back pain
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sleepiness with nausea, poor appitite and dull back pain

Hi, I m 31 year old female
about 6 days ago started with nausea, feeling just run down. Woke up next morning, had a cup of coffee and went back to bed, Let me just state that 1/2 cup of coffee usually all I need.
Slept for the the next 2 days with almost no appitite and nausea that would get worse when I moved. I went to ER on day 3 and they did lab work and cat scan of head...not sure why and then said lab work was good and scan was fine, must have a virus.
After day 3 started loose stools, still very nauseated when moving and still sleeping, at least 14-16 hours a day. I drink a cup of coffee and a red bull but can fall asleep after 3 or 4 hours.
In the past couple of months I have been getting nauseated then sweating, then really hungry and as soon as I eat I feel better.
I'll get shakes if I wait to long between meals. Might this be relatd to what is going on now?
I have a dull ache in my back on the right side but it comes and goes- been sleeping on my couch and not my bed so not sure if this is related.
Please help I need my energy back!!!
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The flu is going around! On another note, have a fasting blood sugar test done.
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Whatever I have is not something contagios because no one in my family is sick nor have I been in contact with anyone sick.
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Just going to the store puts you in risk of contacting a virus. Usually when we least expect it. Try the fasting blood sugar if you have not. See if that directs you to any answers.
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You could have hypoglycemia - Symptoms of Hypoglycemia are:

Exhaustion                         Depression
Irritability                       Vertigo
Nervousness                        Insomnia
Inner Trembling                    Chronic Anxiety
Dizziness                          Drowsiness
Faintness                          Ulcer Pains
Finger Tremor                      Crying Spells
Mental Confusion                   Phobias
Headaches                          Personality Changes
Indecision                         Nervous Breakdown
Allergic Reactions                 Palpitation
Poor Vision                        Heart Skips
Weakness                           Sweating

Hypoglycemia - (Low Blood Sugars)

You will need to have at least 3 hour glucose test done to determine if you have this or not.  Now a lot of Doctors check for this.

I am living with Hypoglycemia right now.  I am on a 6 meal a day diet.  I have been having problems for the last 4 months, with the last 2 being very bad.  I am seeing a Specialist now who will be doing a lot of blood test to see why I am having problems with my Hypoglycemis.  I am having problems with keeping my blood sugars up.

Wishing you luck in finding out what your problems are.
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