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small fiber sensory neuropathy
In August of '09 I experienced an incredible pain in my upper right side of my back that lasted approximately one month.  My Dr. treated it as if it were muscle spasms.  The pain has abated somewhat but I'm now left with tightness around the chest on the same side as the initial episode.  In addition to this I am now experiencing nerve pain all over my body with accompaning severe headaches.  I went to the ER twice with these symptoms in October and have had just about ever test possible.  My neurologist has no real explanation except that I was attacked by a virus that is now causing these horrible symptoms.  I was an exceptionally healthy, active and happy 52 year old woman until all this happened. My question is:  where is the best place to get a definitive diagnosis on this type of condition and are there other persons out there that have suffered from this type of generalized neuropathy and how have they dealt with it?

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