spontaneous bleeding under toe nails
by ke274, Dec 07, 2007
I began to have spontaneous bleeding (like a bruise, red and purple), under my right big toe nail 6 weeks ago. It took up over 1/3 of the nail. I did not injure myself, and have been extremely sedentary for 2 months, working on the computer, 20 hours a day. Also much stress. 2 weeks after this first incident, the left big toe nail showed a similar bleeding, a little larger. Then, 2 weeks later, a horizontal band of bleeding appeared again on the right toe. I sought medical help.

I have been tested for fungus, there is none. I was referred to a podiatrist, who said there has to be something causing the bleeding and suggested xrays, to see if there were bone growths, blood tests for anemia, and then if the xrays were normal, to biopsy the nail bed.

I had blood tests, and my RBC was "4.16", Protine was 13.7, and PTT was 30. I am told all are normal. I have been told by my primary care dr. to ignore the podiatrists recommendations, and just wait to see if it keeps happening. But is does keep happening, so I am worried, and do not know if it is good to wait.  Should I seek another opinion?
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by margaretsch, Jan 12, 2008
I am a 50-year-old female with the very same thing. Please let me know if you find an explanation or answer.
by ke274, Jan 13, 2008
I had a difficult time getting any reasonable explanation from a Doctor. I had a managed care insurance plan at the time, and they refused to do a biopsy (even though the podiatirst recommended this), or come up with any plan to diagnose it. So, I changed insurance. I didn't think it was melanoma, but I did want some reasonable idea of what might be causing it, as it does not seem to be a sign of health. One thing I found online, after reading through many, many medical articles, was that if the bleeding/dark area grows out with the nail, it is not melanoma. (Why couldn't a Dr. say this, it is so simple and helpful!!!). I am watching mine, and they now do seem to be growing out. Also, I was under tremendous stress at the time this occured. Under great stress or trauma, (emotional), the nail can actually stop growing for that period. This can cause the nail to have deep horizontal grooves. I have these at the same point where the bleeding started. I believe, that the extreme stress caused my nail to stop growing, and also my sitting for so many hours a day, caused the blood to pool in my feet. Although I normally have low blood pressure, it was unusually high during this period. I think the high blood pressure, and lack of circulation from extensive sitting, caused bleeding to occur. This is my self-diagnosis based on my own research. Doctors have been absolutely no help at all and only cost me money, for insults because I was concerned; very very inhumane. If I have some other underlying cause, I guess I will find out later.
Hope this helps. Please let me know how yours occured, etc.
by margaretsch, Jan 29, 2008
Mine has occurred 3 times in about the last 6 months. Each time the bleeding is more pronounced. I know for a fact that I have not suffered any injury to cause it. The first time I asked a doctor about it, there was nothing for them to look at, and the doc had nothing to say. This time (the 3rd time) it's really dark; I also know exactly what day it started -- and felt it bleeding that day. Now the whole nail (almost) is black and blue underneath where the blood is. I know it will grow out (my other one did), but keep wondering what the cause is. I need to see the doctor while it's still this visible. I do have very good health insurance. If I find anything out, I'll let you know.
by lane54, Jun 27, 2008
This problem has just started with me. I've had severe trauma in the past to my toe, but not in the last few years. The nail never did reattach to the bed but I haven't had any problems until recently. I'm surprised the blood doesn't clot after a short period of time but it's been two days and there's still fresh blood? Has any onne ever found an answer?
Cheers, Lane
by becky449, Oct 27, 2008
i have degenerative arthritis in my lower lumbar, my legs hurt so bad at night and day .now my two large toenail are bleeding underneath without injury.?
by cupcake76, Nov 11, 2008
I am 32 yrs old female, just discovered my bloody toe nails this Sunda. This had never happened. I went to the doctor today and nothing....he left me in the same boat I was before I went to see him. He referred me to a dermotologist but they don't accept my insurance.Now what? Please help me out.........my world is being turned upside down not knowing what this is or specially what is causing it.....please respond anybody out there that can help................?
by photogirle17, Dec 29, 2008
I have the same problem.  One day I took off my toenail polish to find both my big toes and other misc toes are bleeding, peeling or falling off and then they re-grew and it happened again intermittently.  It's happened about 3 times now this year and I am a southern CA sandal wearing girl.  Some nails are fully black and blue, some purple, and some have a halfmoon purple tint at the base.  I have had no feet injury and do have lupus, Fibro, and Epstein Barr, but can't find any relation to this with these AI diseases.  I have been recently diagnosed with an extremely deficient level of vitamin D but have not seen any relation.  Checked for a lupus blood disorder of unknown name and it came back negative so docs are passing it off as "just lupus".  Some how I don't think this is the answer. Yes can someone of medical background post to this forum?  This is scary and I'd love to hear from a doctor or podiatrist with an opinion.
by Srae21, Feb 10, 2009
I'm 22... Just noticed this week that both my right and left big toe nails are bloody underneith, thought it was dirt until I took off my nail polish.. which I had just applied two weeks prior. My left toenail is completely covered, my right is just about 1/3rd. Never happened before. Haven't been smashed, not wearing new shoes, and my nails aren't long so it can't be from shoes. I do work at a call center, so I do a lot of sitting... but I also try to make up for it (I can't stand sitting) and walk as much as possible... maybe its the excessive sitting? (8 hours a day???).. I have chronic tendonidious in both knees.. also known as "Runners Knee" though I highly doubt theres any relation..
by ke647, Mar 27, 2010
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