stomach bloating and pain after taking bath
by janegun, Apr 26, 2012
My sister suffers with the same trouble and no-one knows what is wrong.
When she takes a bath water somehow gets up into her stomach and causes pain and bloating.
Also gets thrush from taking a bath. Even when there is nothing alse in the water, just tap water.
Why does this happen?

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by Ricobord, Apr 26, 2012
Thrush is a yeast infection.  Abdominal and stomach bloating can also indicate yeast in the digestive tract.  It could be that the warmth of the bath causes the yeast to flare up.  

There are good medications for it.  Nystatin and diflucan are possibilities. Also, consuming good probiotics are very helpful.  There are natural sources like yogurt, but you can also buy probiotic capsules to take. It also helps to sprinkle probiotics in your mouth for thrush to restore the balance of bacteria.

It is important to restrict sugar intake.  No added sugar or sweets, and limit fruit and white rice and white bread, things that convert quickly to sugar in the body.  Sugar just feeds the yeast.  Garlic is a good natural supplement that counteracts the yeast.