stomach distention, bloating, feeling full after a couple of bites of food
by squarehead, Feb 03, 2006
Whenever I eat or drink i get bloated and my stomach is didstented. I wake up i measure my abdomen and it's 40 in the morning. When i go to bed at night it is around 46 to 47".
This stated in 2003. But my stomach went down at night. ONly risen during the day. But now it doesn't go down and i get larger during the day.  I had all kind of test and everything turn out NEGATIVE. i had endoscopic, colonoscopy, colonic transit study, Gastritis Emptying study, Ultra Sound stomack liver kidney etc. also on bottom which i had an hysterectomy in 1988. Cat SCan on abdomen and also MRI. Now my question to you is what do you think i have.  I think I have Candida. I'm presuming since i'm bloating and distention is it possible i have it in the liver?
Thank you
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by Duchess47, Feb 06, 2006
I have same symptoms.  Do you also have intermittent bouts of constipation, nausea?  I know you had a gastric emptying test to rule out Gastroparesis, but the symptoms you describe can also be Irritable bowel syndrome.  I assume you have seen  a Gastroenterologist?
by lisa12366, Mar 14, 2006
I have the same symtoms too, right now as a matter of fact and it is really worrying me.  I went to the emergengy room last night and they took...blood work, EKG, X-ray of my stomach and chest and a abdominal ultra sound, they also gave me an IV drip and put pepsid into it, it did not help, they discharged me and gave me a prescription for Nexium, which is not helping so far.
The ER doctor said that all the test came back normal but the ultra sound showed I have something in the way in my intestines,
with gas trapped in the same place, I don't really feel to much pain but it is very uncomfortable and very full and extended, I look pregnant but I am not. The ER doctor said to follow up with my family doctor and to have him order a cat scan of my stomach.  I am really worried, I hope it is not a tumor or anything serious, oh also I can't expell any gas for some reason, I feel if I could expell the gas I would feel a lot better. Well I don't know what else to say but I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem. Please write me if you can help me.  Thank you very much. Good luck to all of you and good health.  :) ***@****
by niaz, Jan 18, 2008
Hi I have the same problem as you. But I am in Canada and here family doctore hardly accepts u need to go to specialist. It bothers me alot since I have gas produced in my stomach as soon as I eat a small thing. I testes milk as my Family Doctor suggested and it has nothing to do with it! I love milk and I was sure it could not be that since I am used to drink milk for my whole life.
I am suspicious now about Biscuits! As soon as I swallow a Biscuit it happens to me. When I go to party at late night I also have a big big stomack. I even stopped drinking any any kind of drink with gas when I was a child. That time I noticed it brings me lots og gas in my stomack and I can not dance or move right after I drink Coka Cola for instance.
But now the problem is back with almost anything I eat any time.
Could u plz let me know if u have found any reason or alergy ? I am also suspicious if I should only probiotic products?
by babblingfool, Jan 20, 2008
Have you been tested for celiac disease or wheat/gluten intolerance?
I'm being tested for that currently.  I have the same symptoms.