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strange CSF and CBC results
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strange CSF and CBC results

Twenty days ago I went to the ER with crushing headache/backache, slight fever, and shooting "electrical" pains all over my body.

The ER docs ran CSF and CBC test, determined it wasn't bacterial menengitis, and sent me home.  Last week I was able to get my labs and I'm shocked.  Here are my abnormal CBC results:  Neutrophils, Abs Count 8.2 (normal 1.8-6.8); Neutrophil % 87.0 (normal 36.0-66.0) Lymphocytes % 8.6 (normal 24.0-44.0); lymphs, Abs Count 0.8 (normal 1.2-3.4)

And here are my abnormal CSF results (no pressure recorded):Lymphocytes % 92 (normal 70%); monocytes % 8 (normal 30).

From what I've read I had/have viral menengitis but am very confused by the abnormal CSF/CBC results.  I have an appointment in two weeks with my doctor and have been in constant pain since last month and have developed a sore throat, inflames tonsils, swollen lymphnodes, etc.

History:  thyroid removed - stage 1 papillary carcenoma, both ovaries removed (chronis hemoragic cysts - uterus in tack), gallbladder removed, type II diabetic (controlled with Metforman and diet), fibromyalgia

Any ideas or direction??  HELP
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You've certainly been through alot. There is some confusing on
#'s of range posted. Common since tests are based lab to lab/
done in hopsital/in ofc/state. I'm guessing you may live in Utah & hopsital uses own reference range. I'll try to get you
started. Keep in mind, they many times have an explanation for
why they say normal when it reads off. Tests have a variance
range they can also work with.
Neut-abs  8.2 (1.6-9.3) is norm range in my state (as I post).
Neut-%    87  (40-85)
Lymph-%   8.6 (10-45)
Lymph-abs 0.8 (.6-5.5)
If a rush is done, some of these usually need to set awhile, they work w/ a variance-range. Your health-history should have
been added to this calculation for dx's. Blood lymphs make
antibodies to fight germs. Neuts refer to infection/autoimmune/
vit.deficiency. Mono's fight infection. If you apply this to CSF
then lymphs are fighting germs & Mono's are busy detecting &
trying to fight but slow. The big picture needs to be eval. w/
your history. If you have bac-meningitis, it's contagious when
coughing/sneezing/etc. Fever/chills/sweating/sometimes spreads
to hearing/sore throat & after 2 weeks of treatment, signs of
it may still be there up to 2 mo. but not contagious stage.
Your procedures may be also be throwing results off. You need
to fol-up w/ Dr. Looks like you have an infection of something
but where/what would need other tests while knowing your full
history. Hope I helped alittle. Gd-luck.
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Sounds like you had aseptic (viral) meningitis.  Several viruses cause it.  If you have recovered and feel well, don't worry about it.

But one thing to think about:  Recent research has shown that among the most common causes of aseptic meningitis is herpes simplex virus (HSV), typically type 2. HSV-2 is the main cause of genital herpes.  If there is any chance you have been at risk of STDs, ask your provider about it and consider having a blood test to see if you are infected with HSV-2.

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Thank you - that helps.  I got the "normal" ranges from the lab sheets so I'm sure it is the lab's "normal" range.  

My eyes have started bouncing when I read (shaking back and forth rapidly) and my finger tips are numb.

I saw my endocrinologist today (post cancer) and he wants me to see a neurologist to check for MS, Guillain-Barre, etc. Bad news, the thyroid levels are off (after two years of stability post op) and I need radio-iodine treatment.  :-(

I went to an InstaCare tonight for the tonsils and the ER doc put me on steroids for 5 days - he suggested I see if it helps the "electrical shock" pains, numbness, etc,  He was really surprised it wasn't recommended last month in the ER (and that they didn't tell me I had viral meningitis)

I see my regular MD (internal med) and will follow up with him if there hasn't been any improvement in the head/backache, electrical shock-pain, numbness, etc.

Thank you for your help!
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I have nothing to add to this thread, other than to say that I appreciate so much that you "visit" over here.  Even reading posts/threads that aren't pertaining to me, I get so much information from you.
Thanks so much for everything you do on MedHelp.

For those ladies who don't know, Dr. HHH is a highly respected doc in the field of STD's...his advice costs money over on the other forum, and he pops over here periodically.  Consider yourself honored if he answers one of your posts.
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Thank you for your post.

I always have the STD tests run each year when I have a pap (even though I am in a committed relationship) and my results as of May of this year were, like every other time, negative.

I did have chicken pox TWICE when I was younger.  The first time was a light case when I was two the second was a HORRIBLE case when I was 14 (had me out of school and resting in a darkened room for 2 weeks).  Could this herpes strain cause my symptoms?  I know it never leaves the body and can come back as shingles.

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist (post cancer) yesterday and he wants me to see a neurologist ASAP to be checked for MS or MG.  I seen my internal med specialist in a week and I'll get a referral from him.

Thank you for your information.
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