stretch marks on my lower back? like a tiger clawed me
by scottxw, Feb 23, 2006
i have wierd stretch marks on my lower back like a tiger  slashed me?? i dont know if it has to do with my often back pains of unconforbel feeling sitting up? plz help me im only 15 and very concered
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by myproblem, Feb 23, 2006
Many teenagers (boys especially) get stretch marks on their lower back (right above the butt too). It is caused by growing too fast for your skin to keep up. If you lift weights, stretch marks are even more likely. This is a normal part of teen growth spurts. If you are really concerned, show them to your mom or dad, and get a checkup. But trust me, this is normal, and you have nothing to worry about.
by Pixiangelj, Mar 07, 2006
Just thought I would add- if you're only 15 try not to increase your size too much, I had friends in high school do that and your skin can really get messed up, while your young though, use cocoa butter (helps reduce appearance) good luck~!
by Terrihoward, Mar 29, 2006
probably no big deal but if they are purple, are there other symptoms like very large mid section but skinny arms and legs, acne, buffalo hump, hair loss, muscle weekness... these with purple stretch marks can CAN be a sign of pituitary problems. excess cortisol.
by jeanniesz, Dec 20, 2007
my 14 year old son has stretch marks on his back, and his entire back is quite sensitive/painful, is there anything I can do to relieve his discomfort?
by ronpaul4prez, Dec 20, 2007
I have Marfan Syndrome and have a lot of stetch marks from growing fast, but not putting on weight
by Carol in PA, Dec 21, 2007
Here is a url to a page with some pictures of rash from Bartonella.

Here is a url to a page at LymeInfo.net with link to more info about Bartonella.

Do those pictures resemble your son's stretch marks?

by SpartanLeech89, Sep 06, 2009
im 15 and i have them in the middle of my back. my friend had them when he was 14 too (he is now 21), i grew REALLY fast im guessing it was just that. Cause i showed my doctor and he said "when did u get them?" and i told him and he just said "ok"..... so im guessing its no big deal
by SlipperyPicklee, Sep 18, 2009
Hi yeah I'm also 15 and my stretch marks are almost exactly in the middle of my back. My stretch marks are purple and only really show up when my back aches. My aunt is a doctor an has no idea. And I even asked a doctor and she doesn't know. Plus my stretch marks are horizantal not vertical. So if anyone knows what these are I would really appreciate it.
by pumpkinman, Oct 21, 2009
im 17, 6 foot 1, and havent grown in either weight or height for a while, i have massive stretch marks horizontally across my back. it seems to be getting worse spreading to my neck and bottom, what is going on?