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swollen lymph nodes body achesShe Headache itching very very very tire...
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swollen lymph nodes body achesShe Headache itching very very very tired!!!

Okay I feel like I am going crazy and I am terrified something is seriously wrong with me! I went to the Dr on Thursday with Swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck  I felt horrible my ear was hurting and  I was very tired. She was not really sure what was going on the ear was not infected but had fluid on it  I have had no Sore throat or fever. She did a CbC with Diff and a Mono test Put me on Keflex told me  could be reactive lymph nodes from my ears or could possibly be Mono even with out the fever or sore throat.

I came home took the keflex and went straight to bed got up Friday morning 10x more tired felt horrible stayed in bed most of the day that evening I started itching all over my neck chest face and a weird rash called my Dr He stated most likely an allergic reaction to the Keflex to stop taking it and that they had gotten my CBC back and all was  norm accept my WBC was low it was 3800 and that tells him most likely completely Viral.  
Now today Saturday I got up tried to go to the grocery store almost passed out twice at the grocery store I am soo very tired and  I feel like I have been run over by a truck.... Now tonight the Itch red rash has returned and I have found another swollen lymph node on the Right side of my neck and I am now having Pains on my Left side right under my rib cage beside my stomach I cant eat much I have very littly appitite and when I do eat i get full very quickly!

SO anyone have any input?? Do you think I could have Mono?? I feel like I am going crazy!!
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I just got over mono, my second flare in 6 months.  Unless they do the full test they can't accurately diagnose mono because they have to differentiate between current active infection and past infection.  99 percent of people have the Eppstein Barr virus that causes mono but only a percentage actually get mono.  I did get mono and did have that definitive test to prove it.  I did not get a bad sore throat, a very mild ignorable sore throat which didn't last long at all.  I also did not get a fever, and if I did it was mild.  Most mono cases have mild to no fever.  But, yes, mono feels like a serious illness.  I am 6 months out and now I have anemia and vitamin d deficiency and I can only suppose that either those deficiencies allowed mono to creep in or vice-versa.  You will lose your appetite big time.  Food doesn't even sound or look good.  I don't think it even smelled good at the time.  Your legs will get weak.  Walk up one flight of stairs and you will feel like you've done a 45 minute aerobic workout for the first time in your life.  You get shaky, tired, depressed.  It's pathetic.  And with mono, certain antibiotics can cause a rash, and Keflex is one of them.  This would make me think you do indeed have mono, but hard to believe your doctor didn't pick up on the antibiotic mono rash connection.  It's very well documented.  It's a mono reaction that is not dangerous but if annoying the recommend you get one of the antibiotics that will not cause a rash.
Some of the mono symptoms like sore throat and fever may appear later.  All I can say is eat as many small meals as you can.  You will have to force yourself but if you don't you may end up with my issues 6 months later.  I would also take a multivitamin because you may lose some nutrition during this time.  It usually only lasts 6 weeks and that was the case for my son and husband but not for me.  The first two weeks is the worst and after that you gradually feel better.   The appetite thing gets worse before it gets better but I can't stress more that you need to eat what you can and do take a vitamin.  I don't want you to end up with my problems.  You will feel like you're going crazy because it's an all out war on your body and mono can do many, many things.  In my opinion it's a rogue virus and if it wants to give you pain in your baby toe, it will.  The anemia and vitamin deficiency I was left with made it even worse.  Mono was actually nothing compared to those so please eat what you can.  Hang in there!
Thank you soo much! I do feel like I am going nuts and yes my legs do get week today at the store I just held on the cart and just wanted to cry!  You I thought of the mono antibotic (antibiotic) rash thing! the rash comes and goes its soo annoying I do have it on my thighs and its not going away there!  I did have a sore throat a week ago but it was mild and I didnt think nothing of it... I generally have a low body temp around 97.6 is and my temp is running around 98.8 so I guess its slightly up from my norm but really didnt think much of it!  Before the lymph nodes and the very tired feeling I was having major Nausea and to the point I couldnt even smell food period today the Nausea is a bit better but I still dont wanna eat but yes I have forced my self to eat even in small amounts  just because I thought if I dont eat my energy lvls will just get worse!  Thanks so much for sharing your story with me I have been scared to dealth it was cancer or something like that and that just freaks me out!  I hope Monday they will have my Mono spot back and if for some reason it comes back neg I will be asking for the EBV blood test and the 3 day Mono test!  
and Yes I will add vitamins to my diet tonight!

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