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swollen tongue, elevated heart rate, itchiness
Onset of symptoms was sudden, beginning about two months ago. It began with the physical sensation of panic, but without any apparent emotional triggers or involvement:

Elevated pulse, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, nausea, fast and shallow breathing with a difficulty catching breath.

There was also a slight euphoria, numbness, coldness, tingling, swollen tongue. Walking or standing was exhausting and scary. Heightened irritability.

I spoke with a nurse, who told me these were classic signs of anemia. I have been taking iron supplements daily for one month, as well as eating iron and vitamin rich foods. The symptoms were almost completely gone within one week.

A few days ago I started feeling similar symptoms with no apparent cause. Tongue is more swollen, persistent thirst, unpredictable and irrational euphoria, chills, numbness, phantom itching, elevated pulse but with no difficulty breathing, detachment or emotional numbness which is pleasant, loss of appetite, chills, hot flashes, sore teeth, swollen throat or lymph nodes with no pain or soreness.

These are all symptoms easily explained by anxiety and anemia. I am wondering whether there are other conditions to be aware of.

- CT
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