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taking simvastatin
I had my last kidney removed back in May 2011 and although dialysis (Haemo) is good and most of my blood tests are looking better (taking Midodrine 60mg and Phosex 6000mg daily has reduced my PTH by half within one month), I am suffering more and more from muscle pains, lower back, most of chest, upper thighs and shoulders to the extent it takes me an hour to get up in the morning. Moving about becomes easier but when I rest and then try to get up all the pains are there with a vengance. I have been taking 40mg of Simvastatin per day for several years but my cholestrol is good, I eat healthy, and other than a big stomach (which is suspect cysts on liver and fluid in cavity which is being treated soon). I have just read about the rare side effects of Simvastatin and seem to have all the symptoms. When I finish dialysis the pains are much worse, could it be that the Simvastatin is concentrated in my blood due to having no kidneys? I am at my wits end here, can anyone help?

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