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throbbing painful vein
I am a 58 year old woman. I do have veins that are visible over my hands, feet, arms and legs. Only the veins in my hands and feet bulge, however.  I have noticed pain on the right side of the top of my right foot off and on for awhile now but it has always been mild and easy to ignore. Last night I noticed it was more painful and difficult to ignore.  The pain was recurring regularly - it seemed to become more painful about every 12 seconds and then the pain would subside and then return again . . . so sort of like a slow throbbing.  I was out dancing last night - in shoes that are fairly comfortable, but that did have 2 inch heels. I normally wear flat, very comfortable shoes.   The pain has been noticeable all day today although it is less painful than last night. It is throbbing - i.e. gets stronger about every 12 seconds and then subsides.  Is this simply just varicose veins and perhaps valves in the vein that are not working properly, or is there perhaps an abnormality in the artery-venous system that is causing the pain?   I have never worn compression stockings (and I am a nurse who is on her feet for hours at a time) and am wondering if I better start wearing them now to avoid more serious problems with my veins in the next few years. I also tend to lounge (legs on the couch) a lot in the evenings after a long day at work. Is this okay to do - maybe I am being too immobile or the legs should be above my heart for awhile at least.
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