tingling, numbness, pain right armpit down to fingers
by itchyface14, Oct 31, 2007
This is the second time problem has happend in the past week. Last time it was my left arm and it wasn't as bad.
Right not I have tingling from my pink finger to my funny bone. It follows the same path as the numbess would if I hit my funny bone really hard. I have very very light tingling extending from the funny bone into my armpit. The actual skin when I touch it feel a little numb....not really bad.
My right shoulder area feels funny. Right around where my bra strap sits on my shoulder feel a little achy and maybe stiff...it's just a weird feeling. The arm pit feeling is really annoying. It kinda feels like I took a rope and tied it around my should from under my armpit....and it is cutting of some of the circulation down my arm to my fingers.

my left arm is fine today..bothered me for 1 day, 4 days ago. The right arm just started today and is much worse.
I looked up cubital and carpal tunnel..but I'm not really sure if thats what this is or not. Right now I just noticed a weird light numbness below my neck on my upper back just right side of my spinal cord..it is in a more muscular area. It didnt just pop out of no where...it might of been like that...i just was rubbing my shoulder and when I hit the skin in that area it felt a little numb.

On a random note....I have been planning to go get my thyroid tested. My mom has a problem with hers and told me that I should. I have always always always had poblems sleeping, I need way to much sleep for someone in early 20's, I get light headed often, I feel tired a lot and I have a lot of aches and pains for no reason, eye twitches, and my right hand shakes a Iot to the point I can't use small screw drivers or undo small knots. I was wondering if I did have a thyroid problem if this could have anything to do with it.
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by caregiver222, Oct 31, 2007
Okey dokey. Don't despair or go looking for a cemetary plot.Doesn't sound that serious. It is very likely your problem involves an injured, stretched or pinched nerve in the cervical vertebrae. There are Seven of these critters and eight nerves waiting to cause trouble. There is also a lesser possibiloity of a blood vessel that is pinched. But I would go first with the cervical etiology. Apply axial traction while you are having the symptoms,and if the symptoms immediately disappear, you have a pinched nerve in the cervical area! Easily treated with an axial traction device, anti-inflammatories, range of motion exercises, and perhaps a few valium.
by cowpowchow, Apr 10, 2008
I've a similar problem.  But mine is caused by the overuse of my shoulder in playing the overhead shots in badminton.  Somehow I don't have rotator cuffs problems but the tightness of my arm muscle (especially armpit) is so severe that it impinged my nerve an I get some muscle twitching and pain.  I was told to take up swimming so as to tone my whole body muscle.  I am trying to do the freestyle (or backstroke) by reaching as far as I can with each stroke.....and this is stretching my armpit and also strengthening my entire arm (including the armpit).  It also helps to tone my back muscle at the same time.  Give it a shot.  If you can't swim, try exercising in the pool using movements that's for the arm and back muscle.  Do it consistently when you start, but it's not a lifetime thing since your muscle will get into shape and tone up.  Then you can reduce or even stop the exercise if you want.  It helped me a hell of a lot.
by eye_contact_important, Sep 07, 2009
I had this same problem but solved mine ....bought a carpal tunnel brace seems to be fine now...I have no insurance laid off so cant afford doctor tests....good luck and hope this helps anyone else with this problem