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unprotected oral sex = red scrotum + hot flash + tingeling skin
I received unprotected oral sex from a chines "massage" worker in the middle east.
I have done a 8+10+14 week hiv test which were all negative. I have also tested negative
for chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C and Syphilis. At week 10 I also had
reduced levels of B-thrombocytes (137 reference interval 145-348)

She had the scrotum and penis in her mouth (the scrotum is still red 16 week after and the
top of the penis is also slightly red).

The symtom in cronological order are: Headache, lower back pain, hot flashes and night sweets,
a rash on both arms and one leg (disappeared after 2 hours. I was sitting in bath tube),
tingling legs and hands, and finally around 10 small red spots has appeared on to of my hand
from time to time (disappear within one hour each time) .

The only symptoms that I have left are: hot flashes (maybe twice per day/night),
tingling skin ( I can feel the virus moving in my body) and a red srotum (you can actually
see a line where the untouched white skin is and the part that she had in her mouth)

Any ideas?
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Syphilis should be ruled out. Other than that check your diabetes status to see if that is the cause of persisting inflammation. Take care!

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Well I can't as though I have any ideas or advice for you other than I certainly hope you learned your lesson with that!  I'm sorry, but yuck!
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honestly man you gota use a condom ! you could of avoided all this paranoia.. anless she was bleeding when she suckd you off or there was a transfer of bodily fluids i think you should be ok youve been tested you should be alright bud ! They symptons your having could be from something tottally different i do still recomend you get checked on a frequent basis because some of these things take longer to show up on testings i do beliveve your ok  at the same time your paranoia could be leading to some of this as well .. try to calm down
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I think I figured it out.

I have read that night sweats are symptomatic of HIV, lyme disease, tuberculosis and malaria. I dont think I have tuberculosis and malaria
hence the only thing left are HIV and lyme disease.

Lyme diseases aka Borrelia is an bacterial (Borrelia burgdorferi)
infection.This could explain the red scrotum. Borrelia is a spiral
bacteria ie spirochete. This is the same shape as the Syphilis
bacteria. Since Syphilis can be transmitted though sex it would
be expected that Borrelia could be as well even though a tick bit
might be a more common way. It is also interesting to note that
when the Borrelia bacteria travels though the blood (it spins)
it realized neuro toxins hence the "tingling skin"  

Since Lyme diseases can be cured by antibiotics if caught early
on in the infection ie a couple of weeks it is important to start
an antibiotics treatment as soon as possible. Do not wait for
a positive/negative HIV diagnoses ie >3 months because then
it might be to late for an quick effective treatment.

Also look out for the "Bulls Eye Rash" which is an indication
of an Borrelia infection. As soon as that rah appear take a
picture of it and go to the doctor which will give you antibiotics
asap. Since most Lyme diagnostic tests (blood) are unreliable
a picture of the "Bulls Eye Rash" is the easies way to get an
diagnosis. Also look out for co-infections such as Babesia.    

Elevated liver values would also be expected as the body
tries to clean out the infection.

If not a proper treatment is not initiated Lyme diseases
can over the years result in various medical conditions
ie Alzheimer's or Parkinson etc
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