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veins in palms turned blue and are bulging. also have blister like swellings on palms after using penicillin vk 500mg
Hand problems
Recently noticed that about 3 days after finishing Pennicillin vk 500mg for dental infection, I began to notice I have bulging blue veins in both my palms and blue almost rope like veins that are very visible on my fingers of both hands. I also have blister like swellings that are skin color on both palms. The swellings are where palms meet fingers. I can't use my hands to open bottles and things of that nature due to tingling in my hands from the swellings and from the veins near surface of hands. Went to ER and they only visually looked and said they see nothing wrong with veins and swellings probably from eating to much salt, which is not true because my diet hasn't changed and I haven't experienced this before.  I have an appointment in few days but do you know any possibilities of what this may be from and could it be a reaction to penicillin vk 500mg?
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