vertigo,static sound in ears, fullness behind ears
by candi03, Mar 11, 2008
Does anyone have the same symptomes??? I have mild vertigo, which started in June with a case of Labs. The doctors diagnosed me with Chronic Sinistus. So I went ahead and had the surgery. Did me no good at all. I had the surgery in Sept. Now I have been struggling with mild vertigo, chronic low grade fever comes and goes all day everyday. Static sound in ears, ear canal swells shut i think cause i can't blow any air out it. pressure of feeling of fullness behind ears and lower back part of head. I also get chills and flu like feeling sometimes for wks. This is gross but I also have very thick phlem like jelly, the color is usally white or clear with brown speck. ew i know.
I have been to 2 Ents, infectious disease dr, and my regular doc. I have had 5 cat, mri scans. Been on plenty of antibotics, I was even in the hospital on Iv antiobotics. Been tested for seasonal allergys everything comes back okay and have been tested for lyme too. I'm still sick. Where do i go now??? Oh and just to throw this in there i smoke. I know I have been trying to quit. Thanks for the help
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by candi03, Mar 11, 2008
Oh i forgot to mention i have tingling in my head to.
by SickbutEmpowered, Mar 11, 2008
Hey Candi,
At least I might be able to help a little here. I have vertigo too. The neurologist ran a test called an ENG which helps find out the cause of dizziness if it is inner ear or I think eye related. I think this might help you if you suggest it to your doctor. They told me I have a mild weakness in my right inner ear and my other doctor said there is a disease called Menieres but I am not sure if that is what I have or not.Neurologists deal in this area I think and this would be the place to start in my opinion. As far as the phlegm goes, I am not sure. If you are getting chronic infections try to find a good immunologist specifically. I am diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency, and have chronic upper respiratory illness and am still fighting a sinus infection after having pneumonia. There are so many things that can cause vertigo. So I hope you can get the help you need. Peace
by candi03, Mar 11, 2008
Thankyou so much for replying. I don't like the fact that u r suffering from vertigo too. but it helps to know i'm not alone. I will def. have to check into immunologist.
by 58apache, Apr 30, 2009
Hi there,

I too have had some of the symptoms you have described:  Static type sound in my head, mostly the back of the head, also the constant phelgm, and yes it is gross.  I also have some dizziness associated with the static sound.  The best way I can describe the sound is that it's kind of like the sound you would hear when you turn on or off a tube/CRT type of TV, i.e. not the newer flat panels or projection types.  A phased static sound with a flash of dizziness at the same time.  It is now happening much more often and the dizziness is stronger.  I agree with SickbutEmpowered, a neurologist is the right medical specialist to see, I just have to get around to setting up an appointment with one, ASAP.

Anyone with similar symptoms, please let me know.



by hypersloth, Apr 30, 2009
you need to first start by drinking ALOT more water and cut out the bad stuff that I know smokers enjoy too much ( I used to smoke too)

Then request a cbc with diff along with whatever else you can think of, it sounds like your immune system has been compromised.  MAKE SURE THEY CULTURE the bacteria in your system or they are just throwing fire on gas.  

I went 4 years before a doc with a clue actually cultured my ear, now I'm resistent to MANY antibiotics and the ones that I'm not I'm allergic to.  I'm almost screwed, don't let it get to this.  Docs are pretty clueless folks when it comes to long standing issues, they handle each patient like its the first time they ever had this problem even when you complain of long standing issues.
by Robhab, Jul 19, 2009
You described what I have had for years.  I never thought about the mucous being connected to this, but I too have the mucous, albeit much less quantity.
This is no big deal and is probably not medically serious, but very comforting to see someone describe having it too.  I haven't had active symptoms of vertigo for years but have suffered three of four severe bouts in the past.
Since we are grasping at straws:  Does anybody else have this and Fibromyalgia?