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why does it seem like i have an extra layer of skin attached to me
lately i feel like i have this extra layer of skin. and it will not go away,. with a creepy crawling sensation from head to feet., and looks like there are little brown spots all over my body, and my head has open sores, that will not go away . they've been on my head for the last 9 mo. and i have been dealing with this for the same amount of time. the doctor  had told me that there isn't anything on my scalp, ears, skin. but when i get the itch feeling i squeeze the spot and a hair like UFO goes crawling on skin. it is really driving me NUTS, literally, my BF keeps asking me do you have bugs or something? i tell him i hope not i can see this crawling thing and when i go to try and remove it it makes  a little popping sound, but what is most um-connectible is the fuzz like feeling between my toes, and the itch on my scalp at the site of the sore's
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