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wrong diagnosis
my symptoms started about 5-6 yrs ago...while living in maine...heaviness on shoulders stiff and painful  neck...i developed arthritis in my fingers, ..lst quite a bit of weight .walked like i was drunk..it continued to get worse..mri showed..nothing.. bloodwork...the same....however a neurologist in maine labled it as gait ataxia ...also .found i had high blood pressure..and heart palpatations. recvd meds for both..moved back to my home state of ny bout 2 yrs ago..,,pain in neck and shoulders got worse..developed...what neurologist called "a dance" or chorea....one neuro in ny said it was not gait ataxia but could be paraneoplastic syndrome.........but after all tests.....no cancer was found..i .after asking two drs in my home town.if i had been tested for lyme.and getting a nooooooooooooo...and nooooooooooooo they would NOT test for it i .finally went to nyc to see a lyme specialist...he explained that a negative bloodtest didnt necessarilly mean i didnt have lyme.but he thot i did.i started a regimine of an antibiotic.....but after 2 mo..i just got worse..i traveled back for a 2nd appt..he told me i should have improved..in 2 mo.AND i probably had more than one bacteria and maybe a parasite....so he changed the meds to two different antibiotics...i started them 3 days ago.but because of some side effects..he has told me to stop them.......plus im feeling worse than ven 1 wk ago.............plz plz plz.......ANY IDEAS would be greatly appreciated??!!!!!!
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