Top right of forehead, sharp pain, scared
by NickWIld, Sep 30, 2007
I am not having headaches. I haven't had a headache before and if this is what it is then please adivse me so.

I recently came down with a chest cold. I have been coughing all week. sometimes so hard I would feel like im throwing up from my lung's. I am in the middle of the 2nd week now. When I cough, I get a sharp pain in the top right corner of my forehead, it feels like it's grabbing and squeezing that corner of my brain. I have experienced dizzyness with this. This pain is begining to bother my everyday life. I can't even bend over without it feeling like that. I have a docters appointment on october8th, I am concidering checking myself into a hospital. Am I over reacting or should I seek immediate help.
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by lighter_times, Oct 01, 2007
It sounds as if it could be a sinus infection developed from the congestion from your cold.  Try steaming up your bathroom and spending a while inhaling the steam or perhaps breathing in the steam from a very large bowl of water with a towel draped across your head and bowl - you could also put a few drops of menthol oil in the water and blow your nose gently every few minutes .  Also try some over-the-counter decongestants such as sudafed.  Blowing your nose gently on a regular basis will also help to clear the congestion - some ibuprofen will reduce any inflammation in the sinuses and nasal passages and help with the pain but use with caution if you have asthma.
by NickWIld, Oct 02, 2007
trace the front end of ur ear to the top right of ur head, thats how far back it is. Is this an area where the\\ sinus's reach??
by lighter_times, Oct 03, 2007
If you are very concerned go to your local er or push your doctor for an earlier appointment but I know when my daughter gets very congested she complains of pain near her ear up to her temple then on top of her head as if she's banged her head hard but without the bruising feeling on top this often causes her to squint on that side slightly.  Have you got wisdom teeth? they can also cause this sort of problem