vascular lymph nodes
by memyselfandI0412, Dec 11, 2007
Does vascular lymph nodes in the axilla mean that there is vascular invasion from a tumour. And does it usually mean it's cancerous??

It is driving me crazy not knowing, I am a need to know type person!!!

I am being sent to a Breast Health Center for more testing, but don't know why or what to expect.

Thank you
Lymph nodes in the axilla can be reactive from a local infection or cut or neoplastic.   Certainly breast masses are concern in a woman with a breast mass.   If you don’t have a mass you can feel in the breast, a mammogram is required.  A need biopsy also know as a fine needle aspirate (FNA) will provide additional information on the nature of the enlarged lymph node.  
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by memyselfandI0412, Dec 12, 2007
I am being sent to a surgeon for a biopsy, but not until February 14th.  I can't get into a doctor until Jan. 8th.  

I need some answers now, because I am driving myself crazy with not knowing and what my ultrasound means.

No body seems to be giving me a straight answer or they don't know.

My ultrasound said there were 3 enlarged lypmh nodes one avascular and 2 were vascular.

The largest lymph node measured 2.87cm x .96cm

I am just trying to find out if vascular lymph nodes are normal?? or are they usually cancerous??/

Please just be honest with me.

Thank you
There really is not way of knowing outside of having some tissue.  Some centers simply place a very small needle in the node and aspirate some cells. This can be done immediately in an office setting.  The problem is that very few pathologist feel comfortable ruling out a lymphoma in this fashion-- but there are some centers with pathologist who do this.  A lymph node biopsy is a procedure that takes less that an hour.  You should call your primary care doctor and tell him that you are not comfortable with a delay of that duration.   If he cannot get you in sooner, try to get in with another surgeon, or refer yourself to another general surgeon.  I would call the surgeons office and ask to talk to his manager.    I a very nice fashion I would explain you worry.  Rational or irrational-- your anxiety and fear are real to you.   Frankly-- I think you have a real beef.  If they cannot move on this soon, I would ask the manager if they have another surgeon they could recommend.  

I would agree with you. Your doctors are telling you we don't know what this is but it requires a biopsy, but we cannot do that for two months.   That is clearly a conflicted message.   The statistics are that this will be a benign process, but it is cruel for you to worry for two months.  
by memyselfandI0412, Dec 16, 2007
I guess my doctor did not like the date of my appointment, because I now go to a Breast Health Centre on December 19th and I see my doctor on December 17.  So hopefully I get some answers.

Thank you
by memyselfandI0412, Dec 20, 2007
I went to the surgeon and he did absolutely nothing.  He felt my lypmh nodes and breasts,said he felt nothing and said I was fine and sent me on may way.   So I am no further ahead. Cancer still hasn't been ruled out and I'm more frustrated than ever.  I had xrays done of my enlarged left clavicle and the surgeon didn't even look at them.  I am no doctor but I have a nurse so I have some knowledge and to me the left clavicle bone looks thicker than the right.  I just don't know what that could mean.  I thought the surgeon might at least done another ultrasound to see if the lymph nodes were still enlarged, and then gone from there.  Nobody could feel these lymph nodes, but they were picked up on ultrasound.  I would think that with my lymph nodes being that enlarged, if it was an infection my WBC would be at least a bit out.  How normal is it to have a lymph node measuring 2.87cm X .96cm??? I'm just getting more frustrated with each passing day and more scared.  I'm worried that if this is cancer it is going to be too late.