I always feel like I have to urinate/extremely uncomfortable
by Sir Pancreas, Apr 19, 2007
I always feel like I have to go the bathroom. This is very disruptive to my daily life and especially my sleep. Many nights I lie awake for four hours or longer without even dozing, and I wake up every two hours or so. I have always peed a lot but the last week or so it seems like no more than ten minutes after voiding I feel like I have to go again. I am constantly in a state of being uncomfortable. By about a half hour after I go the urge is strong as though my bladder is full and I can't ignore it. When I do go it isn't nearly enough to give me this strong urge. I am obsessive compulsive to start with so I am in a perpetual neverending state of worrying about my next trip to the bathroom.

I am a 25 year old male and I find it very hard to believe I have an enlarged prostate or even overactive bladder. Can this all be in my head? What can I do?

I have started neurofeedback and do have a doctor's appointment on April 30th, thereby tackling this problem from both a psychological and physical front, but would appreciate any advice I could get from this forum if anyone has had a similar experience. Could overactive bladder medication help?
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by ozark, Apr 20, 2007
you could have a bladder infection altho sl unusual for a male. Prostate issues could also be a factor altho your age is young, but not impossible.  Maybe you could get an appt earlier or be on a wait list.