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Kidney Stones or Endometriosis?
last night after intercourse I sat down and terrible pain shot through my entire bottom. It was like pins and needles in my rectum, my uterus and my urethra. The pain was so bad I could not hold my head up. I felt like I was going to pass out and vomit and could not stand. I layed down and almost instantly felt a little better until I stood back up and again felt like I was going to pass out. It hurt to move on my bottom in any way.... again pins and needles and cramping/tightness behind my bladder or in my uterus. The pain came on so sever that I almost went to the ER.

After putting some pieces togther I realized that I have been cramping slightly and uncomfortably for about a week now (period not even due) , my kindneys have been hurting and I have had gross blood in my urine ( once a few days ago and pretty much most of today) . All these pieces made me think I was just passing a stone pehaps so I did not head to the ER.

I have a kidney disease and have had stones in the past. My current neph doc is looking into wether or not I am actually experiencing chronic stones.

My worry is that I do feel it could be a stone... but after reading about endometriosis and the rectal pain I am scared now. Is it normal to have rectal pain and poss uterine cramping with stones?

No matter what I am calling my doc first thing.
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