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Scared and need info. Could this be internal hemorrhoids or rectal muc...
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Scared and need info. Could this be internal hemorrhoids or rectal mucosal prolapse or something else?

I have a small bulge that protrudes from the rectum while urinating without straining and with bowel movements.  It retracts afterwards.  There is no pain, itching, bleeding or any discomfort.  Of note is that I had a midurethral sling surgery 2 months ago with no complications or problems as of yet.  At my 6-week visit with urologist, she did not see anything.  I asked if this bulge could be related to surgery and she said no but if it bothered me, I need to have it checked.  I first noticed the bulging about 4 weeks after the surgery.  Could it really be an internal hemorrhoid even though it protrudes during urination without straining? As I am careful not strain, as urologist told me to, as I'm still healing from that surgery.  I have my annual gyn appt. in September so will ask about this bulge then.  But I'm also so nervous about this that I'm trying to figure out what it is and get any info. I can to have ready for my appt.  Do you think this could be related to the surgery?  Uro. gave my stool softeners for 1 month after surgery to prevent any straining.  Should I keep taking such medicine because I don't really strain for bowels anyhow?  Could it be possible that this bulge will not be visible or palpable at the time of gyn visit, even if I tell her about it, no matter what it is.  Is there a way for me to be sure if its hemorrhoid or prolapse?  Thank you.
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If it is protruding from the rectum, it could be hemorrhoids, or much less likely, rectal prolapse. Both of these are readily treated. If the bulge is coming out of the anal opening, you should see a colorectal surgeon. If it is bulging out through the vagina, then you should see a urogynecologist. You should keep on the stool softeners, if that is what your surgeon prescribed.
I had surgery to repir rectocle (Stage 3) and an alomost non-existent Cystocele 2 weeks back. Most bothresome life style issue that led to surgery was incomplete Bowel (trapped Stool etc.)..after much deliberation and hesitation, I went in for the surgery with a reputed Urogynocologist.,

However, 2 weeks after surgery, I have not only the same incomplete bowel issue and constipation, but worse still, I now have to pass urine very very frequently and need to strain to empty my bladder - counting night and day, it was about 20 times in a 24-hour period. Before surtgery, I ahd NO incontinenece, and no bladder related issues otehr than getting up about twice each night.

Any help, advice,words of hope that this will all get better in the days to come (if true ::))  will be great!! Thanks for your service.
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