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Severe Problems after Hysterectomy, 2 surgeries later...
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Severe Problems after Hysterectomy, 2 surgeries later...

Hi, I'm posting this to hopefully find some answers and support for my mom. She finally had a hysterectomy about five years ago because of a prolapsed uterus that happened after my sister was born in 1988.

After the hysterectomy, her bladder fell and was pressing against her vaginal skin. She had another surgery to put mesh in place to hold the bladder. Both the hysterectomy and this surgery were where the surgeons went in through her vagina.

Since then, her bladder has fallen again, and then mesh part is coming through her vaginal wall. To make matters worse, her intestines are also falling and are now somewhat hanging out of her body. Her doctors have no answers for her. She is uncomfortable and scared to have another surgery because it could make things even worse.

I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything like this, or could recommend a doctor to talk to about it? Just looking for some support. Thank you.
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i've never heard any thing like it, and my heart and prayers go out to you.  i don't know any drs. either, perhaps you should be looking for an attorney.  i think that mess coming through her vaginal wall is never supposed to do that.
good luck to you and your mother!
Thanks for your support! After some research, I found out that there is only two urogynocologists where we live, so I'm going to call them on Monday and see if she can get an appointment. Apparently the doctor she was seeing for this was an oncologist that specialized in reconstruction but I don't think they knew what they were doing....

I also found out that there's a huge countrywide lawsuit going on against the manufacturers of these mesh things.... apparently many women have had complications!!
Above poster is right this is urogyn Im gonna transfer your post, you will recieve better help from the expert on this situation,  I hope you get your answers and feel better !

I am so sorry to hear about this situation with your mom. Yes, a urogynecologist is the go to physician for pelvic organ prolapse issues; there are many other physicians who will do these kinds of surgeries (there are 5 kinds of POP and women can have any combination of them, sounds like your mom has an enterocele which involves the intestines falling between the rear vaginal wall and the colon/rectum), but I always recommend women see a urogyn-they are familiar not only with the organs in the pelvic cavity, but also all of the support structures as well. Surgery to this area is extremely intricate and almost a third of women who have POP surgery end up having a second and sometimes third surgery, often because the first one was not done properly. (It is not a matter of the other physicians being bad physicians, it is a matter of needing a true specialist because of the intricate nature of this area of the body.)

Mesh passing through tissues can create complications for sure. I highly recommend you seek a urogyn in your area to address this issue. My mom has had severe problems with mesh moving through tissues in her body (not POP related) and believe me I understand the anxiety this causes for both your mom and you. As much as I hate to say it, I do believe she is going to need another surgery, but the first most important step is  finding a physician both of you feel comfortable with and confident of. I highly encourage you to go with your mom to these appointments if time allows in your schedule, I have no doubt that it will increase her comfort zone to have her daughter along to monitor the situation. (I go with my mom to all of her appointments, ask plenty of questions of her physicians as well-in a short time they recognize that you are your mom's health advocate and freely give you the info you need to help your mom.)

Also know that there are types of mesh that are ok and types that are not, it is extremely important to address this with your physician when you go in for appt. I have a ton of mesh inside of me from my POP surgery (I had enterocele, rectocele, and cystocele repair), my dr knew because I am extremely active that it was important to place lots of extra structural support inside of me. We discussed mesh type in great detail. Never hesitate to ask ALL of your questions when at dr appt-remember these drs work for you!

If sounds like you have found a urogyn in your area but if you need additional help, send me a PM (private message) and I'll do what I can to assist.

Good luck, your mom is lucky to have a daughter who cares so much! With your guidance, I believe things are going to be fine in the long run.

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