Sex after bladder surgery
by kvm36, Jun 30, 2008
I had the surgery for abdominal wall repair of my bladder with mesh sling on 6/3/08.  I was sent home from the hospital within 6 hours following the procedure and have done very well in my recovery with no complications.  I resumed my normal activities, including work after a week of rest.  I'm wondering when it would be safe to have sex again with my husband?  Are there certain things I should be prepared for when we do attempt it, like pain or anxiety associated with sex after this surgery?
by Lennox Hoyte, M.D.Blank, Jul 14, 2008
I tell my patients 6 weeks for intercourse. Most of them are OK starting at about 4 weeks. It might make sense to have your doctor see you at 3-4 weeks, and if the exam is normal, then you should be good to start intercourse again.

Dr. hoyte

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by tamsos, Aug 25, 2008
Hi, I'm a 35 year old female and I had bladder surgery (mesh sling) 21/2 months ago. Intercourse is still painfull. Will this just take time or should i see my Urologist? Thanks.
by goody48, Feb 15, 2009
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