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Vitamin D Deficiency and Blood in Urine?
I am a 59 year old woman, post menopausal and five years post gastro bypass.  Last year I had a series of incidents where I had large amounts of blood in my urine.  The events usually resolved in 3 days.  I was referred to an awesome urologist and had the full protocol of tests, CT, Scope, etc.  She found no abnormalities.  About a month later, I was diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency (level was an 11).  I was placed on 10,000 units of D a day for six months.  I am once again having large amounts of blood in my urine.  No UTI. My bone pain has increased recently, and I am wondering if the deficiency could also cause blood in urine? I'm still waiting for my blood test results to be returned. Does anyone have any suggestions for me other than the symptoms are ideopathic?
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