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help me please

history and symptoms:
-4 months ago started to have pain in my upper thighs mainly in upper right thig. Then,
went to an osteopath for manual therapy for 2 months.
One month after starting manual theraphy, pain in the  thighs disappeared
but then I started to have back pain at L5S1 region.

15-20 days after the  pain in L5S1 region started, I started to have sequentially:

first frequent urination, then frequent urination+burning before/after urination
and finally frequent urination+burning before/after urination+ blood in urine
from time to time. The back pain continues also.

Tests done:

a-) urine culture test: blood in urine, some crystallization  but no infection.
b-) blood test: a little bit elevated psa of value 1.87.
c-) ultrasound of prostate: the first urologist did this test, he saw white spots
on the secreen and said this is prostate gland infection. He prescribed doxycline.
I used doxycyline for 3 weeks but no improvement. I am not sure if his diagnosis was correct.

d-) ct scan of kidney and bladder and cystoscopy: the second urologist i visited did these tests.
There was a very small stone in the left kidney
and my second urologist told me that it was so small
that there was no need for treatment.
The radiolog wrote in the report that he had doubts on a thickened bladder wall.
My  second urologist, then, told me a thickened bladder wall may be due to an empty bladder (I went to toilet before ct scan)  or can be something serious.
Then he suggested a cystoscopy.  I did cystoscopy and there were normal bladder appearance.
He said nothing abormal.

e-) MRI of my back: there was minimal bulging  and in the report it was saying
otherwise normal findings/


q1-what is my problem? Why do I have blood in urine from time to time and
other burning, frequent urination?

q2- what is the source of crystallization in urine culture tests?

q3-) is there a connection between my back-pain at L5S1 region and the urine problems?

q4-) is it possible that I have bladder cancer? If so, I think cystoscopy would not be normal and moreover bladder cancer does not increase psa. if psa is increased, then
the problem seems related to prostate. is my thinking correct?

I will be happy for feedback.

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