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Bladder cancer
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Bladder cancer

I'm a 43 year old man with the cancer mutation lynch syndrome msh2 and a strong family history of colon cancer my 41 yo brother,cousins and uncles, pancreatic and my mother had Glioblastoma of the Brain at age 68.Recently I had a cytology and cystoscope which found tumors in my bladder.The Biopsie report says
1)Bladder tumor  (TURBT) Papillary urothelial carcinoma,low grade,non invasive-Muscularias Propria present
2)Bladder deep biopsie    Urothelial hyperplasia   Muscularias Propria is present
3)Bladder,Surrounding tissue biopsie       Benign urothelial mucosa      Muscularias propria present
Can you explain the results and do you think i should follow up with a Oncologist because my urologist says I only need to have another cystoscope in another 3 months.Due to my family history of Cancer and people are telling me im very young to have bladder cancer since i don't smoke or have any of the common traits of bladder cancer.. My original Dr said I had a Urinary Tract Infection.But my genetics counselor said i should have a Oncologist
Thank You
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As far as treatment for your bladder cancer, a repeat cystoscopy within 3 months is appropriate.  You have a superficial kind of bladder tumor that has not invaded into the muscle of  the bladder.  The treatment for this is the surgery that you had.  The recurrence rates are high, so close surveillance with cystoscopy is important.  Beyond the bladder, you should get imaging of your kidneys to make sure there is no abnormality there as the field of the kidney, bladder, and urethra is the same.  I think that given your genetic predisposition and worry, I would see an oncologist to get an idea if anything beyond the urological conditions need to be addressed.
Thank You for your follow up!

I have a quick question.I had follow up blood work done and it said

MCV   100 HIGH      
PHOSPHORUS    2.4 LOW     2.5-4.5    MG RANGE
RETICULOCYTE       2.0 BORDERLINE         0.5-2.0  %
RETICULOCYTE ABSOLUTE        92400  HIGH               25000-90000 CELL RANGE

They are the only test that were out of range.My question is since they are all just out of range should I follow up with my oncologist.or should I wait
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