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tesical growth
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tesical growth

my husband has lymphodimia and it drains into his sac he also has one enlarged testical and in the past two weeks or so he says it has been feeling weird to him he often gets celulitus but he says that it feels different the other day we noticed that his sac seems bigger and his larger testical is bigger too is this a problem or are we worried for nothing your help would mean so much thank you
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Lymphedema can cause the scrotum to enlarge and shrink due to fluid accumulation.  Usually this is not a problem, from time to time the fluid can become infected and cause trouble.  Usually the symptoms are pain, fever, or cloudy discharge.  If the testicle itself is enlarged (as opposed to the scrotum) then that can be a symptoms of infection as well and deserves a doctor's evaluation.  Good luck.
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