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ABNORMAL excessive SWEATING still exists after Chronical Prostate Infection
hello ,I am 28 year old,male.

5months ago I have been diagnosed with Prostatitis (chronical prostate infections). I used initially 30days Levofloxacin,which improved my pain and symptoms more than 60%. 2 weeks after having completed first 30days antibotics, I started to have mild symtomps again (testicle pain,abnormal sweating,groin pain). I went to another Urolog this time in germany and he wrote me another 4 weeks Levofloxacin. Now I am also done with last antibiotics since 20days.

My pains are 90% gone, no back pain,no testicle pain anymore. However my biggest problem 'ABNORMAL SWEATING' starting from groin area down to legs and up to lower back still exist and this bothers me much. 3 or 4 urologs I have been to, told me that I should wait maybe 1 year more since this bacterial inflammation in my prostate could last for long time,years >remark=(my tiroid and all other blood results are ok,chest xrays and ultrasound results are all clean). I am sure and I feel it is still my Prostate gland which causes my ABNORMAL SWEATING. My last doctor wrote me Tilcotil (anti ınflam.). I still sit in hoth bath tubes hoping last remaining bacterias will be defeated by time and this sweating will disappear.

It is not just sweating, problem is also not being able to perform sport and attend to social activities due to sweating.

I hope to hear something from you, maybe some home remedies which could help

thanks Alex
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