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Backed up sperm in testicles, will it cause damage? Go away on it's...
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Backed up sperm in testicles, will it cause damage? Go away on it's own?

After masturbating I had pinched the foreskin to contain any semen and prevent a mess. I feel as though the pressure buildup caused the sperm to backup into my testicles. Immediately afterwards my right testicle became very sore and a swollen lump appeared just above the right testicle within the tubes. Is there danger of permanent damage? Will it go away by itself? it just happened but I would like to know how how to get rid of this. Would another ejaculation clear out the blockage? Thanks for any advice...
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Avatar dr f tn

Reflux of sperm has been known to irritate the associated structures, such as the prostate and epididymis, and can cause inflammation.

It is possible that the lump has appeared in response to an inflammation of the epididymis and will need to be evaluated.
Epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis and will require antibiotic treatment based on whether an infection has resulted.

Another ejaculation may not help resolve the problem.
It is also unlikely that any lasting damage would have been caused.

Antibiotic treatment with an antiinflammatory agent will help clear up the swelling.
You can also take tylenol for pain relief.
Sitting in ahot bath for 10-15 min twice daily, scrotal elevation, and avoidance of strenuous physical exertion have all been shown to aid healing of the testes and epididymis.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
Avatar m tn
I've got the same problem, but i don't have any lumps. I feel a little pain in my left testicle. When i touch my testicle i feel the sperm that incidentally get there. I want  to know will it disappear by itself or i should visit specialist in that field.
Please, answer me because i don't know what to do i will keep sitting in a hot bath for 10-15 min twice daily as you said but anyway i want to know will it disappear by itself.
Also i tried to make it get out with my hands but i stopped because i was afraid to get incidentally injured. Shall i try or no ? Please if you see that help me ! I'm very afraid and i don't know what to do.
Sorry if i had any grammar mistakes with my English. I hope you'll understand me and that my problem is important for me.
Thanks !
Avatar f tn
I want to be your friend lol
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