Black Specks???
by mungufuata, Jul 31, 2008
23-year-old female, preparing for cystoscopy next week.  I went to my pre-op appointment this morning and was asked for a urine sample.  I noticed after peeing in the cup that there were tons of black specks in the urine.  What could this be from?  Is it something to be concerned out?  The nurse didn't say anything, but she didn't really look at it - just took it to the lab.
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by Dr SantosBlank, Jul 31, 2008

Are there other signs or symptoms present? Some of the substances in urine (uric acid and calcium) may crystallize and form kidney stones. Kidney stones may be as small as a grain of sand and may be smooth, round, jagged, spiky or asymmetrical. Most stones are yellow to brown in color, but variations in chemical composition can produce stones that are tan, gold or black. The smallest, smoothest stones may pass out of the body with little resistance and minimal discomfort. It is best to dIscuss this with your doctor. Take care and keep us posted with your cytoscopy results.
by TerriFL, Sep 17, 2008
If you don't mind, what was the outcome or diagnosis?  I have a similar problem that my urologogist has not been able to diagnose.  I've had brown urine that settles out residue at the bottom with what looks like small blood clots and tiny black specks.  I would be curious to find out if you got a diagnosis.  Many thanks, Terri in Florida
by annbg, Dec 19, 2008
I too am preparing -  for a cystopscopy...third one in my life I am 40..... i have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, so I feel like I have a UTI all the time in flares... after three months of getting tested, I went to the urologist and they said I had a massive infection... so I am now on my third round of antibiotics.. I had a couple days clear of these black specks... I think they are blood, because when I rubbed them on the toilet tissue...it smeared red.

I have one known kidney stone that never bothers me... though I also get right sided sometimes sudden onset and sometimes constant pain. I always assumed that I has some smaller ones or oxylate ones that do not show up....

I am also passing blood which happens almost everytimes I test,.. that was the first cystoscopy...they said leaky kidney...Then years later I had stones and gall stones...

I am passing protein - -I am also diabetic. and just had a hysterectomy so I am sure the foley catheter  caused the infection...but the doc says the protein might be due to just the infection... this is the worst bout I have had since I  had a c-section for my daughter.... andit is driving me nuts... and pyridium is getting darned expensive to be on for 4 months.....it's also not working that well.  HEck even Oxycodone isn't covering it.

Thank GOSH I have pain killers for another issue or I would be in the ER.

Has anyone had this happen and what might it indicate?

by Crystalverjones, Sep 16, 2013
Terri I am experiencing the same thing peeing black speck. Did you ever get this looked at. I am very concerned.
by Danielle6783, Oct 15, 2013
Hey Terri,

I have the same thing with orange, brown, reddish color settling in the toilet pretty much every time I pee and after having left sided sharp pains last night in my kidney area I noticed I had a black speck that was probably 1cm x 1cm so definitely noticeable.  Is this a stone?  I have had a CT scan about 1 month ago that came back normal and I have peed in a cup 3 times now...despite my pee looking dark in the cup everything comes back normal and they say I need to drink more water.  I drink a ton and regardless my pee still has this sediment?  It is a new thing for me within the last 6-8 months.  Has anybody come up with a diagnosis on this one yet?  Also, I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but the black flake isn't that hard...it pretty much crumbles apart when I rub it in between two fingers.