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Bladder findings....can this indicate anything other than MS?

  HI, Doctors. I wanted to get your input on the following. I have had negative MRIS, EVPS, and a negative lumbar puncture. Had all sorts of bloodwork come back negative, with the exception on the antinuclear antibody. Other than that, the only thing found to be "consistent with MS" is bladder testing. I have three questions listed below:
  My report says: Impression: hyperreflexic neurogenic bladder with uninhibited hyperreflexic contractions. Uninhibited bladder contractions of unclear etiology, there is no primary bladder source to account for these such as infections, stone, ulcer, caruncle or other abnormalities of the bladder or bladder lining. These findings are consistent with the very early symptoms of MS.
  MY QUESTIONS: As my doctors say my other symptoms are not typical of MS, doesn't this report pretty much verify that MS is the only thing that could be left to cause this problem? Are there any other things that could cause this? Is this the same as an irritable bladder?
  Thank you for your guidance. I recognize that you cannot give medical diagnoses on the internet, but I do respect and appreciate any input you can give on this matter.
Dear Charlene:
MS is one of the most common neurologic diseases causing voiding dysfunction.  The disease is caused by an impairment of the conduction nerves, and  50-88% of patients with this disease complain of some type of urinary tract dysfunction at some time during their disease process.  Bladder involvement is part of the initial presenting symptoms in approximately 10% of patients.  The primary urological findings include, an overactive bladder which contracts when it is not supposed to, a non-functioning (atonic) bladder that cannot squeeze at all, or a bladder that can contract, but the sphincter or valve to empty the bladder won
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