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Blood in urine and stool
Topic: Gastroendoscopy (Selected Kidney as that was the most relevant option, may be!)

Hi Doc

I have iron/b12 deficiency (i don't eat meat), so doctor asked me to do a gastroendoscopy, I did that before 4 months, and he took multiple biopsies, after few days, I realized I am having pain on left right side (below my chest, and little above my stomach), I can see the difference in both the side in the mirror, right side has gone a little inside.

I disregarded it and waited until I recover. The blood stopped coming from urine and stool but the difference is still there, and now suddenly after few months, it started pain at the same place and I get blood in urine and stool everyday since a week or so. I took an appointment of Doctor, but I doubt if he would be helping with this afraid to agree that he might have damaged something inside while taking biopsies.

Could you please advise what could be the solution for this, I can't hold you for anything, just require a right direction and information of what could be going wrong inside me.

Hope your skills and experience will really help instead unlike some other forums where I got generic answers or has been directed to my doctor or something.


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