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Blows to the testicles
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Blows to the testicles

I am a quite normal 19-year-old student. However, as far back as I can remember I've had my own somewhat peculiar sexual desire that can be perhaps described as masochistic. Namely, being hit physically in the testicles by a girl. This is called "ballbusting".

I am fine with it, and it's not actually that uncommon: there are several communities in the Internet dedicated to it.

However, I am very curious about the medical side of it. From a medical point of view, is it totally wrong to practice it between two consenting persons? How dangerous it is?

I have endured some quite hard kicks, which made me grumble on the floor. How this differs from normal traumas is that this is done several times unlike accidents.

Can it cause permanent damage to let a girl kick you in the testicles several times? From what I understand, you would have to be very unlucky to get a rupture from a kick?

What about squeezing or pulling of the testicles, is it really dangerous because of the spermatic cord?

People often say a hard kick to the testicles can cause infertility, but is it really so?

Medical advices needed,
With respect.
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You are more then likely ok, however you can damage the tissues and cells. Testicles are very sensitive part of body and they produce lots of heat that's why they are outside human body so that they can work in optimum temperature. SO there are minor risks yeah but they are not overly common....To crush a mans balls you would need to kick him in the balls with 1500 pounds of force. That is like 7 guys standing on them...so I don't think a solo girl can do to much damage, however it was repeatedly, and over a long period of time, it will reduce your sperm count....They can get swollen which can cause problems, torsion which is mad painful and can end up in dead balls and you could **** blood for a while........it's not really something to risk hun ;).....
Trauma or blow to the testicles can cause bleeding nside the testicles,hematoma formation and even rupture testicles which is an emergency.Hence I would suggest you to refrain from this.
Hope it helps.Warm regards.
Thanks. I should be more cautious then.

And Drama_Queen, it's indeed done repeatedly and for a long period of time because.. well. :)

Also I should point out that when aroused like that you feel you could take a lot of hard hits and not feel real pain, so that's probably the most dangerous part.
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