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Brown Spots on Penis Glans(glands)
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Brown Spots on Penis Glans(glands)

Hi All,

I just wanted to know if anyone used hydroquinone on their penis glans (glands) (head) to treat brown discoloration.  I do not have any STD's or any other health issue, I just have this brown pigmentation which was from post-inflammation trauma from circumcision when I was 6 years old (now 31 years old).

I have Ultraquin 4% but given the sensitivity of the area I don't want to use it (Note: initially my GP suggested I use it) without knowing it has been successfuly done from someone else.

Please let me know, as I'm very depressed about this and it's been quite impossible to have a long lasting relationsihp with a girl.

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Without treatment, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation usually takes about 6 months to resolve and for the skin color to go back to its normal color.  Topical treatments with acids and chemical peels can be effective but can take a while for the skin to totally revert to its normal color.  Microdermabrasion can also be done, but this might require several sessions.  Skin resurfacing using lasers is also an option.  

I hope it helps. Take care and regards.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Here are a couple of things I'm evaluating based on your response

1) Tropical treatments with acids/chemical peels, I think this will be too harsh on my penis glans (glands) and leave unwanted scarring or deformation?  I'm only considering gentle skin whitening/bleaching, hense the hydroquinone inquiry.
2) Microdermabrasion - I've been doing this to a certain extent and have some level of success but I guess I have to be more patient and let the glans (glands) heal then do another session (I believe I've successfully de-kernelized my penis glan at this point which makes it more sensitive)
3) Laser skin resurfacing, isn't this too harsh on the penis glans (glands)?  Every cosmetic surgeon does not recomment laser treatment, unless I'm missing something special laser technology I don't know of?!

FYI - for all those who have kids (boys to be specific), do not circumcise your child at the first sign of foreskin ballooning during urination because there are other possible treatments before circumcision.  There are circumcision side effects (scarring, discoloratoin, etc..) which will affect them for a life time and should only be done if it's a last resort.

Thank you for including the message regarding unneeded and harmful circumcision.
I grew up in the Netherlands where circumcision is rare.
It seems that most people readily accept that female circumcision (just the removal of the clitoral hood) is a form of mutilation. My question is what seems to be the double standard for males.
The foreskin is an important part of the penis and is not just some useless flap of skin. Most circumcised males in the US and Canada, don't seem to realize that the foreskin aids in intercourse or masterbation (masturbation) for that fact.
I'm totaly against circumcision and also believe that many circumcisions are performed without medical need. There does not seem to be a certain age group. For adult males who have something go wrong concerning the foreskin, are often suggested to go for a circumcision.

A couple of years ago, after many years without any problems, I ended up with balanitis and paraphimosis after having had an indwelling catheter in. The first things that the female doctor suggested was circumcision. After having lived for 45 years with my foreskin, loosing it was not an option. The foreskin than was positioned back over the glans (glands) ( not the most comfortable procedures) and I was given a steroid cream. After about a week things started to look like before this incedent. The only problem was that the foreskin seemed to be tight. Every day I slowly stretched it and as of today I have had no furter problems.

Parents please leave your sons intact.

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