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Burning around urethra
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Burning around urethra

My problem began with back/side pain and burning/pressure during urination. After a cat scan, ultrasound, multiple urine cultures and three antibiotics I was told I had a kidney infection. I've taken Cipro, Macrobid and now I'm on Bactrim. My recent urine culture came back negative but I still have a burning feeling around my urethra. Not pain and no burning when I actually do urinate, just a weird pressure/burning sensation when I'm sitting. The pain in my back is gone but the side pain still bothers me on and off throughout the day. What could this be? My doctor says the kidney infection is gone but why do I still have these symptoms?
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Avatar dr f tn
Do you have any increased frequency of urination?

Is the pain in your side on-and -off or constant?
How old are you? Male or female?
How long have you been on antibiotics? Longer than 21 days?

Have you noticed if the pain in your side subsides with rest?

Kidney infection or pyelonephritis is a serious condition and requires aggressive management with antibiotics to avoid complications and avoid persistence of infection.
   The pain can last longer than the infection and usually reduces with rest.
In the interim, you need to do the following to ensure resolution of infection and recovery:
  Drink at least 2000 ml of fluids per day.
  Drink cranberry and other citrus juices rich in Vitamin C.
  Maintain hygiene to prevent further infection.
  Do not resist the urge to pass urine. If possible try to pass urine every 3-4 hours.
  Take tylenol for the pain every 6-8 hours.
  Rest improves pain related to kidney infection, so try to avoid physical exertion.

Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.

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