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Burning inside penis
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Burning inside penis

About 3 months ago I experienced a burning sensation in my penis.  Its the most uncomfortable pain in the world.    I went to the emergency room where I received an antibiotic shot.  3 days later the pain went away.  The ER said my Gonorrhea and Chlamydia tests were negative and there is NO sign of an infection.

3 days after that the pain came back.   This time I went to see a urologist, he sent me for a sonogram which showed nothing, plus a urinalysis which was normal.   I scheduled another appointment once my left testicle began to hurt.  This time the urologist ordered a sonogram of my testicle - everything was normal.   He put me on 10 days of Ciproflaxin and pain went away.

After I completed the Cipro the pain came back.   The urologist thinks it is psychological however I know I am not crazy.   My primary care physician suggested it could be herpes - although I have no lesions or other visible symptoms.   Herpes test came back negative.

A month later  I  went to an infectious disease specialists who also thinks this may be psychological.  He ordered another herpes test, syphilis, hepatitis  and all negative.

I know my penis is burning, I feel it, it burns.  It comes for a week or two then goes away.  But when it comes its so bad that I would rather jump out of a high rise building than deal with the pain.

Any suggestions as to what this is?   This may be a coincidence but this all started two days after unprotected oral sex with a one night stand.

I just cant believe that all these test show nothing, no bacteria, no sign of infection and no herpes.   I don't trust these doctors anymore.   One of them told me that even if it is Herpes there is nothing they can do for me.   I can no longer live with this pain.  Please help.

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    How are you? Burning in the penis could be due to any urinary tract infection or STD. But as you already took ciprofloxacin, the chances of bacterial infections and bacterial STD’s is less likely. I, would suggest that you get repeat STD panel done.

Do you have any discharge? Any pain during or after ejaculation? If there is discharge, it would be better to get a swab culture done. And there is no harm in taking a second opinion of a urologist. However, you need to know that more than anything else, these symptoms could suggest of anxiety and psychological stress. Psychological stress will do that what you experienced.

Also get a check for atypical infections like fungal infections.
All the best.
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