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Can IC be mistaken for prostritus?
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Can IC be mistaken for prostritus?

I have or at least think i have had chronic prostritus it comes and goes along with bouts of balantatus when given regimen of antibotics of Dox they seem to fade but still linger on.. My wife has what her doc thinks is IC she if fixing to go to a urologist to find out for sure, She has problems with needing to urinate a lot coupled with pelvic pain. We had thought for a while that during intercourse i was penetrating to deeply hitting her bladder and brusing it, then we thought it could be e-coli bacteria.. but after reading on line and talking to her Doc think it maybe IC. but here is my Question.. after reading that on internet about Ic do's and dont's and symptoms that actually IC could in men pose as a chronic prostritus.. or give the symptoms of that leading you to belive that you have prostritus instead it could be the IC... is this right? Could i actually have IC instead of prostritus? are the syptoms (symptoms) closely related? My next question is how does IC start or conrtacted by us? Is it spread sexually or bacterial? Can it be irradicated? Or can it be controlled? is there any med's that help or is there any food that is better than others or drinks  I have heard that baking soda a little in some water helps is this true? Can someone give us some insight before whe goes to urolgist so we have time to think and be able to ask the right questions and also know if the doc is just trying to herd us out of office. we want to be prepared.   thank you
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HI, I am not a physician, however I am an IC patient and an IC support group leader here in Missouri.

IC can and often is misdiagnosed as prostititus, there was an article on that recently on the IC-Network.

What events lead to the development of IC is a hotly debated topic.  However, if you are both having symptoms, being treated for a chronic infection makes sense first.  It is very likely a chronic infection. Few doctors actually treat both partners in a chronic infection and the bacteria just get passed back and forth.
Actually was also just reading articles about how the prostrate can hold bacteria and many doctor are going back to the old prostrate massage to break up the biofilm infections, allow the antibiotics to better penetrate and kill the bacteria.  

I actually wrote an article on our IC support website that explains the difference between chronic cystitis and IC. The biggest being a chronic infection can be cured, at this point there is no cure for IC.

The website is in my signature and you can read a lot of info there on diet etc. too
However diet is significant with IC or chronic cystitis since the bladder is inflamed.The IC-Network has the best list of foods along with explanation of how the diet works etc. around.
I also have basically an emergency newbie survival list for the diet on our site as well.

Chronic cystitis or chronic infection can be cured, there is no cure fore IC however there are many great treatments to help keep the symptoms under control.  

There are many great IC support sites.
Of course, ours, which though it is mainly to network patients in Missouri and Arkansas it does also have a lot of information for any one with IC; MOARK IC

The ICA is great and work hard to raise funds for research etc.

The IC-Network has a lot of resources and information too.

I hope that helps you, however if you have any other questions I can help you with just let me know.

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Thank you for responding. My wife has a appointment to have a cat scan done and lab work with urolgist i think end of this week or next week early. I tried the prostrate massage i dont think i did it correctly but will try again.. I can tell you i am on doxy  and i dont have burning or testical pain only have reddish rash i belive to be from balanatitus from bacterial prostritus. but then i dont know for sure. the reddness is not near as bad as it was before since taking the doxy, but i have or think its helping using the baking soda and the one time massage so this is what leads me to belive its chornic prostritus (bacterial) but who knows . i had gotton my gp to give me 21 days of doxy and have about 3-4 days left. so hoping its killed out by then.. again thanks for respond and we will look up your website.
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I good luck and i do hope all works out for the both of you!  I would encourage you to ask the physician to treat both of you with a good round of antibiotics,,and unfortunately it can take more then a month, and that is the hard part few physicians will prescribe the longer doses.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Shelly Matthewson
Private Researcher
IC Support Group Leader
Director of MOARK Interstitial Cystitis
"And we know that all things work together for
good to them that love God, to them who are the
called according to His purpose."Romans8:28
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