Can a UTI delay your period?
by amoonlitsun, Nov 20, 2010
For the last week, I have been suffering from an untreated urinary tract infection. My period is now two days late... could having a UTI delay my period?
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by Dr J SinghBlank, Nov 24, 2010
UTI as such does not delay periods. Pregnancy is the most common cause of absence of menstruation (amenorrhea). It is most likely if intercourse occurs anywhere from 3 days before ovulation (release of egg from the ovary) until 2-3 days after ovulation. If you did not have intercourse during that time of your menstrual cycle (12 to 16 days prior to your 1st day of expected period, its unlikely that you are pregnant. Breast feeding, stress, certain medications as contraceptives, polycystic ovarian syndrome, eating disorders, vigorous exercise and thyroid disorders, could also cause delayed period. You can do a urine pregnancy test, and if it is negative consult a gynecologist.

I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.