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Cancer or Not?

I noticed this after what I will call a type of injury because during sex the girl was rubbing my right testicle with her knuckle. The next day I noticed my epididymis was slightly swollen and just under that I noticed a very small bump forming about half the size of a piece of rice maybe. After about 6 months to a year it grew to about half the size or so of a slightly oblong pea but never got any bigger. It seems to be right under the epididymis area. It hurts if I squeeze it. One thing I did notice is that it almost appears that in the shower I can squeeze it down to be smaller. This may be my imagination but the many times I have done this, I could almost swear it may have indeed become smaller. If this was true, it made me believe that it was liquid filled and non-cancerous rather than hard like a cancerous tumor usually always is. Anyway, it bothers me sometimes where I feel the need to touch there with my hand quickly making it seem like a quick inch there to other people. Some days I am aware that it is there all day but it doesn't really hurt enough to take anything for the pain. Other days I hardly feel it.....Here is my issue about getting it checked out at the urologist: When I was 15 years old I lost my left testicle to some type of infection, I was told. Now just having the right testicle, I feel if I go to the doctor and they tell me it is cancer they will need to take my right and only remaining testicle from me. I understand that a person can live with no testicles. However, they would need to have testosterone injections for the rest of their lives. I feel that this would not be a way that I would want to live the rest of my life. I just think it would not be the same as having my body produce it's own testosterone and it may have a negative influence in my moods as well as my general well being and confidence. Also, as it is, I feel very self-conscious about having only one testicle since age 15. I miss it very much and have many times throughout my life debated on whether to get an implant for it. Now having two missing would be totally devastating to the point where I was willing to wait now 23 years to see if the cyst or whatever is on my right and only testicle is cancer or not. Therefore, my question is: Since I was maybe foolish enough to wait 23 years since I developed this cyst like spot on my testicle, can pt be safe to say that if it is cancer, I would have known it by now and I can finally go to the urologist and have it looked at knowing it is not cancer? Or could something like this still turn into cancer in the future? Do you think it could be cancer based on my information here? Or do you think after 23 years if it did not become cancer by now, there is a very good chance that it is not cancer and it will never turn into cancer and so I should now go see a urologist? I understand everybody reading this would have told me to go to see a urologist in the beginning but I was way to scared at 30 yrs. old with mo children yet to possibly become a "freak of nature" with no testicles to produce the 3 beautiful children that I have now and to have lived a life without any testicles. That is why I was willing to wait and see at ANY cost! Who knows, but I guess I have been lucky to this point. Can anyone help me with this?

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Hi Joe,

I can sort of relate to your problem.

I was born with undescended testicles, my left came down before I was one year old, the right however did not descend untill I was about 12-13. I was glad that the doctor at the time wanted to try the route of manual manipulation of the testicle from the inguinal region towards the scrotum. It saved me a surgery that I did not want at that age. My teenage years seemed to be uneventful in regards to urological problems.

In my early 20's I came down with urological problems like bladder infections or kidney infections. Later in married life involvement of the testicles was added. I ended up with epididymitis and orchitis about every 4 months. After my wife and I had had three children and given my problems we decided that it was best for me to have a vasectomy. I had come accross an article that mentioned vasectomies being done in men undergoing a prostatectomy. It was felt that this way infections could not spread to the testicles.

My vasectomy had complications in the form of a left hematoma. The Female locum doctor who was filling in sent me home the first day stating that the swelling was normal. About the size of an orange. The second day she sent me back to the surgeon and I received emergency surgery to remove the blood clot.

About a year later I underwent emergency surgery to remove a bad strep infected testicle. On my birthday I woke up from surgery missing my left testicle.

Over the next few years problems with ED increased and while in a clinic for neurological problems I was seen by a urologist for sexual function as part of the clinic. Blood samples were taken and it was noticed that my testosterone levels were far below normal. I was put on monthly testosterone injections. A few months later while in an office visit informing the urologist that I still had problems with ED I was given a caverject injection in the penis and an erection occured. Caverject was then prescribed to me.

In 2006 I suddenly came down with a right inguinal incarcerated hernia. I was in for an emergency surgery. The surgeon informed me that I should be prepared to loose my remaining testicle. I refused to sign forms and the surgeon then told me that a urologist would be present. I insisted to leave things the way they were if the testicle was involved. After I woke up from the surgery I was very pleased to learn that the hernia was repaired and that the testicle was saved. Now I have noticed that the testicle is fixed high up in the scrotum and it has very little movement. I had a simmilar experience with my left after the hematoma removal. I will not complain about this as removal of the testicle most likely would be my only option.
Having this condition has caused me discomfort at times sitting down. I have to ensure that the testicle doesn't get pinched. The other not so big problem is the fact that when I'm nude and cold, like coming out of a swimming pool. The right testicle is pulled up so high in the scrotum that it looks like I have no testicles at all. Lately this has not been a problem since I have had a catheter in for the last 3 years and therefore have not been able to go swimming. One of the only activities that I could do and enjoyed.
Now I might be in for more surgery regarding the prostate bladder and intestinal tract, I am afraid that involvement of the testicle can be an issue again.
Over the last 3 years I have had numerous UTI kidney infections and I know that this defect should be repaired to stop the infections. I however do not want to risk loosing the remaining testicle.
As I have said, I do give myself monthly testosterone injections and it is not as bad as it sounds. I do them myself. Without the injections I would loose muscle tone as well as bone density. I have a neurological disease that allready causes some muscle deterioration so I'm taking my injections faithfully.
Given the fact that I have a wonderful wife and 3 great children, I do want to be around to frow old with them. If this means having to go through surgery and loosing my remaining testicle than so it be. My wife and children are my motivation to be around as long as possible.
I don't know if you have ever considered the lives of your wife and children. It is amazing what the human body can do to compensate.

I don't want you to get your hope up falsely but after waiting 23 years, I'm quite convinced that it is not cancer. If it was I would not be writing this to you now. Just because this now is not cancer but most likely a cyst, does not garentee that removal of the testicle during exploratory surgery is out of the question.
You should have a good talk with your urologist and determine if things can be left the way that they are. Having lived with it for 23 years by now would lead me to believe that it is not serious.

Please keep me posted? I hope that you can continue to enjoy life.

All the best.

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I forgot to mention that the injections took a bit to get used to. I can feel some effects towards the end of the month. However this could be dealth with by splitting the injections over two weeks instead of a month.

My wife and kids have not complained about possible mood swings that I might have.

My feeling is that you will get used to testosterone injections. Have you ever had your testosterone levels checked? It is quite possible that your levels can be low without even noticing it. I lived with low levels for quite a while before it was discovered.
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My levels are high for my age 53, which is good. Also, if this is not cancer, I will most likely not need testosterone injections if I leave the cyst alone or if they remove it.

Thanks for your opinion.
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