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Cannot last long enough, loose erection while having intercourse.
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Cannot last long enough, loose erection while having intercourse.

Hello, I am Alex and I am 22. I am a college student.
I have visited numerous forums and found a lot of men with similar problems as mine, nobody with the exact one, though. Therefore, I decided to post my question, with the regards to this website.
Here is my problem:
I do get full erections when I am with my girlfriend. Usually it is done by performing oral sex, hand job, or just sexual arrousal without anything. We arrouse ourselves for a few minutes and we go to the next step. We start having vaginal sex and then I may notice that I am slightly loosing my erection (just a little, but enough to interfere with intercourse). I will gain it back again, most often, and then I am ready to ejaculate.  That process lasts for about between 1 and 2 minutes. We prolong it by stopping and performing oral sex and other methods.
There are some more issues that would like to tell you about. I don't use condoms with my girlfriend, because when I am placing it on, sometimes I loose my erections. When having sexual intercourse I like to stay comfortable. I like to stay focused on sex, otherwise I loose an erection. I need to be 100% arroused in order for me to perform vagingal sex. Most of the time I can't have sex in the car and other places where I don't feel right. We like to play sexual games because it gets me arroused.
After ejaculating, my girlfriend wants me to repeat the act one more time and more often than not I am not able to get my penis hard enough. It may take a few hours until I can have full erection again, but this time I can have sexual intercourse for up to ONE HOUR and not being able to ejaculate.
>>> SO here is the question. What's wrong? I want to last longer than 2 minutes. I want to have full erection for full duration of the intercourse without fear of loosing ( even a little) and after I ejeculate, I would like to repeat this experience one more time right away ( or almost right away).
Can you please give me, if possible, an advise about how can I achive this. And what needs to be done, if there is a problem, to fix it.
Appreciate your help,
Best Regards,

PS. It doesn't happen like that every time. Sometimes, sexual experience last for almost 10 minutes (just vaginal sex), me and my girlfriend experience orgasms, and I don't have problem of loosing my erection and I stay arroused all that time.
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It is not uncommon to have a delayed erection after ejaculation.  Since you are able to get erections, it makes it less likely that an anatomical or vascular issue is present - although you can consider an ultrasound if this is suspected.

Another consideration would be to obtain a testosterone level - although libido seems to be intact, making a low testosterone level less likely.  

I would discuss this issue with a urologist who can perform a physical exam (i.e. genital vascular exam) to ensure there aren't any physical problems present.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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