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Cloudy urine daily
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Cloudy urine daily

Im a 25 years old male.

I noticed having cloudy urine almost every day. It does not hurt.

In the morning my urine is clear. Especially in the late afternoon and evening it's cloudy.
(I presume it occurs after having a meal)

Even when I change my diet it remains.

I've read about crystals/phosphorisation in urine. When I add a drop of vinegar my urine clears up.

My doctor told me not to worry about it. It's something many men have.
He centriguated my urine and watched a sample under a microscope.
He didn't saw bacterias,white or red bloodscells.

Last half year it irritated 3 times when I urrinated.
Sometime my urine is white at the end of the flow.

I also noticed few times a bit mucus. Mainly after I'm defecating hard.

I do not have any (daily) discharge. No morning drop or discharge when I try to milk my penis.

I'm probably giving it to much attention and therefore notice things like the mucus.

But still ... isn't it strange to have cloudy urine on a daily base?
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What you describe is not commonly reported and may be common but under-reported. In your case it is related to the acidity/alkalinity of your urine. A check of you urine pH on several occasions and some blood work may reveal that you have renal tubular acidosis, but that is realy a “long shot.”
The mucus that you mention is most likely prostatic fluid forced out with straining. I would agree with you that you are overly concerned.
Hope this helped.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
Hi, just would clarify my question.

I'm having cloudy urine on a daily basis.
It starts in the afternoon after the first big meal.
In the morning my urine is clear.

When I add a drop of vinegar it clears up immediately.

Apart from the cloudy urine I sometimes notice some mucus.
Or I feel a slight burning feeling for a short time (1 hour).
But these secondary symptoms only happened every 1 or 2 months the last 1/2 year.

I do not have any discharge or discomfort.

I hope this description is a bit more clear.

I'm just worried about the cloudy urine I'm having almost every day.
Dear Dr Liroff,

Thank you for your reply.

Concerning the phospatury due to the acidity/alkalinity of my urine?

Could this be caused by an STD?

I can't find this as a symptom. I'm just affraid for it.

Kind regards,
Your symptom are  NOT related to an STD.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
Thank you.

It's just that I read the bacterias that cause Urinary Tract Infections (like Chlamydia) increase the Ph level of your urine. And an increased Ph level can result in phosphaturia.

Or am I just thinking to far?

I went to a doctor last week. Should have the results of urine analysis this week.
How can naturally drop the culcium in urin i got to much abnormal
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