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Constant urges to urinate
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Constant urges to urinate

Posted By Darrell on June 19, 1999 at 18:22:38
I am a 30 year old otherwise healthy Englishman and have most recently found the urge to urinate constantly. From a (normal/average) 4/5 hours 2 years ago, getting gradually worse up to the point I am now. I have never had any pain or blood in the two years and the stream seems o.k. I recently had analysis, ultra sound and cystoscopy all with a negative result. When this condition first appeared I was not too concerned but it has now encroached on my lifestyle so much that my anxiety must be making it worse. I had epididymitis from 94-96 which responded well to antibiotics but it would seem that any link (EG. prostatitis) which I originally strongly suspected has been dismissed by my urologist following the last procedure.
Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated.    

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