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Crystals in urine...Indicator of future stone formation? Please help!
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Crystals in urine...Indicator of future stone formation? Please help!

  Several months ago, I noticed that sometimes during urination especially during the final stage (the draining of the prostatic urethra)that I see solid white crystals spill out that occassionally give my urine the appearance of milky water.
  I went to a urologist who, after ruling out any bacteriologic agent and stones, said that I probably just had a problem with my urine remaining basic or that I may be lacking a certain enzyme.  He told me that I should take Vitamin C on a regular basis and after two days of use, it fixed my problem.
  I am curious that, since I have not received a satisfactory explanation of this condition, could these "crystals" be an indicator of stone formation?  Yes, I am a medical student and I may have "med student" syndrome, but I want to know what enzyme I am lacking and if this is a serious problem that requires further attention.
  I know that Vitamin C is not fat soluble and readily excreted, which explains why the symptoms recur if I do not take the vitamin at least daily.  Could someone please just tell me what is going on and why my urologist's "cure" seems to fix the problem?
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Dear Andrew,
It is unusal to see crystals in urine with the naked eye.  A urinalysis can detect protein, red blood cells, white blood cells, a variety of types of crystals, pH, tests for infecton, bilirubin, ketones, and many other findings.
If your urinalysis was normal, you may benefit from a urinanalysis of the terminal portion of your urine sample alone, or study of expressed prostatic secretions after rectal examination.  If all of these tests are normal then observation is most likely indicated.
Microscopic crystals in the urine do not necessarily indicate kidney stone disease.
More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its satellites (1 800 653 6568). We can also arrange local accommodations through this number if this is
your need. Please bring any physicians
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