Decreasing penis size,how to reduce fat pads ?
by vpathan, Aug 23, 2008
am 32 yr old,weight 75 kgs,since 1 yr my lower abdomen becomes large that it hangs low and covers the penis with fat pads its visible size (in normal)1 and 1/2 inch,  how can i strengthen the abdominal muscle,how can i loss weight since now am 75 kgs(height 185cm),also left side testicle hydrocele.pl give info.to solve this problem.
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by Dr Smitha MathewsBlank, Aug 23, 2008

Penile retraction due to increasing weight gain is associated with the risk of complications that can arise due to skin conditions and fungal infections.

If it is apparent that the weight gain is disproportionate to your frame and height, you will need to put in a concerted effort toward weight reduction, especially concentrating on the abdomen and lower limbs.

A penis size of one-and-a-half inch when flaccid would be changed during an erection. But due to the pads of fat covering the penis in the flaccid state, there may be increased sweating and resultant infections. These infections, if not treated effectively or early, can result in ulcerations and adhesions.

Weight reduction should be planned and gradual if the aim is to have a healthy body. You will need to concentrate on sit-ups and other such exercises that involve the use of the abdominal muscles.

The left-sided hydrocele may need surgical attention based on how large it is and how long it has been there. Surgical correction through hydrocelectomy will need to be carried out based on physical examination and evaluation by a urologist.

Do keep us posted on any additional doubts you may have in this regard.