Difficulty to urinate after foley catheter removal
by CyrilA, May 03, 2009
I travelled to US recently to visit friends. The day after I arrived (after a long flight - 17 hours), I found it difficult to pass urine, and had to be taken to ER. I was cathetirized, and foley catheter was inserted. The doctor diagnosed my condition as BPH, and put me on 2 drugs (Folex and Avodart). After a week, the FC was removed. However, I still could not pass urine in the normal way (amount, flow etc.), and hence had to be recatheterized. I was on the re-inserted FC for a further 3 weeks, and it was removed yesterday. It took around 5-6 hours for a small amount of urine to flow, but I am experiencing an improvement in flow over the past 12 hours, where the flow and volume has started to increase gradually. Is it normal to have this sort of development after removal of a foley catheter? Do I need to do some excercises to regain normal bladder control and urine flow? Your response and advice would be much appreciated.      
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by Dr_Veena, May 03, 2009
      Thanks for writing in. Yes, it is common for experiencing some discomfort after removal of FC which has been there for such long. Also, due to BPH there are chances of slowing of stream and increased frequency.
I would suggest to see a urologist if your symptoms worsen, to check if there is formation of stricture in the urethra.
by CarrieMcM, Nov 12, 2010
I am sorry to hear about your troubles following catheterization. Like Dr. Veena said, your difficulty urinating may also be the result of BPH. If you have any further questions about Foley catheters and other catheter products, I suggest consulting 180Medical. Their staff is experienced in dealing with such concerns.