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Do I have Phimosis?
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Do I have Phimosis?

Situation: I am uncircumsized, 18 years old.
Until I was 17, I literally never knew that I should be able to pull my foreskin back. So for the last month and a bit I have been "practicing" a lot and have managed to get the foreskin back all the way like it should. My doctor is impressed with the results, but there is still one problem; I have this really tight ring, like an elastic band, at the top that causes much discomfort as I pull back and restricts pulling back at all if I am erect.

I am wondering if this is Phimosis because I have read a lot on this but I still can't tell. My doctor just said to keep practicing and stretching, but circumcision still may be necessary. I read somewhere there are creams to help this but I haven't been able to find great information. Should I be worried or just keep on with stetching.

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I was about 18 when I started to pull my foreskin back too.  I would continue with the stretching because it worked for me but if it is still not comfortable then tell your doctor about it again or get a second opinion.
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Hey if you want you can read my question posted on 2/16 and see if that sounds like what's happening to you. PLease let me know cos I have the same question as you do
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I am 16 years old and I have a tight foreskin and the head of my penis is sensitive.  Ever since I can remember my mom has always pulled my foreskin back over the head of my penis, she can also do it when I have an erection. I try but I can't get it over the head so she keeps on doing it.  The head of my penis is very sensitive when my foreskin gets pulled back my mom puts some petroleum jelly and rubs baby oil on the head and penis.
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Hi, Stretching of the foreskin is a reasonable option for phimosis.
I had sme narrowing of the foreskin due to having had a catheter in for about a year due to urological problems. I ended up with balanitis and a tight foreskin as the result of this. The family doctor immediately mentioned circumcision. I mentioned that it was not an option.

Slowly tretching and aplication of steroid cream worked for me.

For those of you that it might not work for, there is the option of having only the phimotic ring removed. Prepuplasty.

There is also a tool called Glansie to slowly stretch the tight ring. If you enter the name glansie in your search engine it will take you to the site. The tool is quite pricy and I'm sure that you will be able to find something simmilar to do the job. One example is external snap ring pliers. Remove the pointed ends that are used for the snap ring.

To me circumcision was not an option. Had I taken the advice of the family doctor, I would have gotten circumcised not realy needing the procedure. I'm very pleased that I chose the other option.

Circumcision does not come without risk of further problems even if the procedure goes well.

Please see the experience of some who is circumcised and who has other problems?

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Head of Penis irritation
by scorps10, 16 hours ago
I'm 28 years old and have had an irritation on the head of my penis for over 1 year now and there is a layer of skin missing. It is slightly red and irritating. My penis irritates in my boxers and sex with my partner has almost completely stopped. I'm circumsized and it also started when I took acne antibiotics.

I've seen 2 dermatologists, two general doctors and one urologist. This is definitely not an STD since I've gotten tested. I've tried many creams (hydrocortisone ointement, Nystatin, antifungal cream, Cicalfate) and none of them worked. Now, I only wear cotton briefs and I stopped washing my penis with soap. Recently, I've seen a Urologist and his theory seems to make the most sense. He says he's had several similar cases where the patients were circumsized. I live in Canada and winter time can get quite cold. It happened to me in February of 2009 walking every day to work in the cold while I was using antibiotics for my acne. He said that the cold can dry sensitive parts of the skin such as the head of the penis and cause this irritation. He told me to stop using the hydrocortisone cream and just use a moisturizing cream such as Galaxal base or Aveeno (and try to find the moisturizing cream that works the best for my skin). Apply a lot of it 2 times a day for a while. He said it may take 6 month to heal and depending on the weather, some days the irritation will be worse and he said it may come back on and off.

I'm becoming desperate and want to know if all of this makes sense. I've been using Aveeno for 3 weeks now and still no results. Does all of this make sense? Does anyone have a better solution or better moisturizing cream to use?

I would appreciate the help,

/personal_pages/user/563773 /personal_pages/user/563773
by Bhupinder Kaur, MD , 15 hours ago
To: scorps10
I agree with your doctor that dry skin or xerosis can cause skin irritation. The mainstay of management is liberal use of moisturizers after washing with luke warm water. Soap should be used minimally. Moisturizers should be reapplied liberally during the day and Aveeno is a good one.You can also use a topical cortisone (steroid) cream or ointment like dermacort(hydrocortisone). Adding a humidifier to the central heating system of your home or using a humidifier also helps. If still the symptoms persist then possibility of eczema or atopic dermatitis and psoriasis have to be ruled out. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and regards.

scorps10, 4 hours ago
To: Bhupinder Kaur, MD
I used a hydrocortisone cream for 6 month called Prevex HC. The irritation was going away with it but the skin would not grow back. Doesn't longterm usage of hydrocortisone creams cause damage to sensitive skin?

Please think about getting circumcised prior to your doctor suggesting it.

All the best.

I'll try to use a humidifier. I really appreciate your help.
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