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Double Ureter

My daughter is a year and a half old. She was diagnosed with a Double ureter system on the left kidney , during the ultrasounds that my wife had during her pregnancy. For the first 2 month of her life she was on antibiotics, and we stopped it when she seemed to suffer from stomach pains.
She also has  a Hiphronephrosis on the upper ureter. All this time we had quite a few US tests and VCUG tests (simulations) and MAG-3 tests. The tests show that the Kidneys seem to function 100% (45% with the double ureter, and 55% the other kidney) There is no reflux.
During the past year she had only one infection and we took her to the O.R to get antibiotics for a week.
We went to 2 Urologists and a Nefrologist and they all seem to be in agreement that in order to avoid problems in the future, the upper part of the kidney (which according to the tests is non functional) should be taken out surgically.
My questions are:
1) Do we really have to have such an operation ?
2) Nobody seems to be able to tell us where the Ureter ends. Is there a medical test that we can do to give us a better understanding of the double system ? Is MRI recommended ? What will it show us ?
3) What is more risky the procedure of taking the non functional part of the kidney and the Ureter out, or leaving it all in ?
4)  If indeed we need to have this procedure done, how risky is it ? Is it a complicated procedure ?
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my daughter had the same problem at the same age.  she has two ureters on each side.  the doctors told me that sometimes the can put them on a long term atibiotic, and it could cause the ureters to work again.  she did this until she was about 5 years old.  she had other problems at that age, and we had to take her off the antibiotics.  she was fine after that.  she is now 16 years old, and no further problems yet.  hope this helps you, your story sounded all too familiar
I have double ureters on one side with reflux.  I have not had surgery to correct this.  I have treated this with antibiotics my whole life and really have had no major issues.  I am 37 now.  My grandma had surgery on hers and had issues with scar tissue, therefore I have avoided that option.  
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